Reasons to Visit Madagascar

  • Beaches

    Madagascar is fringed by stunning coastline and tiny islands. The beaches of Madagascar are beautiful, untouched and undeveloped. Here turquoise waters meet white sandy shores and they are the perfect place to relax after an adventurous time exploring the mainland and its magnificent wildlife.

  • Birds

    The birdlife is remarkable on Madagascar with chances of seeing over 100 endemic species. The coua family, vanga family and Madagascar red fody are to name but a few. With striking plumage and sweet song they are a special feature of this diverse island.

  • Chameleons & Frogs

    Over 90% of Madagascar’s chameleons and frogs are endemic and are found all over the country. They range from giants like the Parson’s chameleon that can reach 60cms to some the size of a fingernail, and found in every colour under the sun the variation that can be seen is staggering.

    Chameleons & Frogs
  • Lemurs

    Lemurs are the star attraction in Madagascar, and their endearing behaviour and abundant energy will keep everyone entertained. From the largest indri and its haunting eerie cry, to the smallest nocturnal mouse lemur with its huge amber eyes make each species so unique and fascinating.

  • Rainforest

    The rainforests of Madagascar are a real treasure trove of exceptional and unique flora and fauna. Here you will easily find lemurs, chameleons and frogs hidden away and the diversity of species found here is overwhelming. All exploring is done on foot on the trails that weave through the forest.

  • Snorkelling

    The reefs around Madagascar are home to bright colourful fish and vibrant corals. From the beaches you can explore with fins and snorkel to discover more of this countries magnificent wildlife.

  • Whales

    Whale watching off the east coast of Madagascar between July to September is something not to be missed. These giants swim close to the shores of Ile Sainte Marie and make for a great spectacle.


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Accommodation in Madagascar: Princesse Bora Lodge

The Princess Bora is a charming and comfortable hotel. It is not luxurious by international standards but is one of Madagascar's top properties.

Our Rating: First Class

Princesse Bora Lodge

Île Sainte-Marie

Princesse Bora Lodge is located in a grove of palm trees on the south-west side of the island overlooking a lagoon which is home to a small reef.

There are 20 villas, divided into luxury, comfort villas and executive beach villas. The comfort villas are round and largely open to fully benefit from the beauty of the gardens. They include a large wooden veranda terrace with hammock. The interiors are simple but welcoming. There is a spacious bedroom with double or twin beds, an en suite bathroom with hot showers and ylang ylang soaps.

The luxury villas are mostly made of Madagascar wood. They are octagonal and have large wooden veranda terraces. Inside they have double beds, large bath rooms and air-conditioning. The luxury villas can accommodate up to two more people on a mezzanine floor (children up to the age of 12).

The five executive beach villas are the most luxurious options, with views from the bed overlooking the Indian Ocean and private steps leading to the beach. Inside the villas are spacious with pristine bathrooms, wooden floors and a square sunken bath in each.

In the centre of the lodge there is a horizon pool overlooking the beach and surrounded by a sundeck. There is a water-sports centre and jetty over the sea with parasols and sunbeds. The dining room is open to the breeze on all sides and serves good French and Malagasy cuisine. At night the lodge is lit by paraffin lanterns.

The lodge has also recently opened a spa which offers a good selection of different treatments. The beach in front of the lodge is beautiful. Facing the sunset, it extends southwards by several kilometres before reaching the southern end of the island and the small Ile aux Nattes.

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