Reasons to Visit Namibia

  • Big Cats & Safari Wildlife

    Etosha, Damaraland and the Caprivi Strip provide a fantastic array of wildlife. Lion, cheetah and leopard are all present in significant numbers, while desert adapted elephant and rhino are virtually endemic. To appreciate all this from your own vehicle is a bonus, but there is also first-class guiding to enjoy.

    Big Cats & Safari Wildlife
  • Deserts & Dunes

    The Namib Naukluft National Park boasts some of the most iconic desert scenery anywhere in the world. Sossusvlei is the most accessible area, where enormous sand dunes overlook the ethereal vleis below. Clamber up one of these dunes for highly photogenic scenes, the desert stretching away in endless ripples constantly reshaped by the winds.

    Deserts & Dunes
  • Dramatic Coastline

    The Namibian coastline is desolate and beautiful in equal measure. Roaring dunes collide with the sea and whale bones and ship wrecks litter the shores. Kayaking amongst seals, catamaran cruises, day trips exploring the dune sea and scenic flights are just a few ways to explore this incredible area.

    Dramatic Coastline
  • Freedom & Exploration

    Namibia is a vast, stunning and sparsely populated country. It is a fabulous country to explore and a self-drive holiday offers the freedom to move at your own pace but still enjoy the activities on offer at each destination.

    Freedom & Exploration
  • Himba Culture

    A nomadic people, living in small settlements in remote northern Namibia, the Himba are one of Africa’s most interesting demographic groups. Largely unaffected by the modern world and highly photogenic in their distinctive dress, their society is based around cattle herding. An excursion to meet them feels uncommonly authentic and unforced.

    Himba Culture
  • Landscapes & Scenery

    Namibia is one of Africa’s most scenically varied countries, veering from desert, canyons and bleak coastlines to mountains, salt pans and lush waterways. With so many inspiring landscapes you must visit more than once to appreciate the sheer grandeur. Namibia is so sparsely populated that these wonderful backdrops are allowed space to realise their full cinematic potential.

    Landscapes & Scenery

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Africa & The Indian Ocean

Africa and The Indian Ocean

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Visit The Skeleton Coast, Northern Namibia

The Skeleton Coast is a barren area and particularly well named; many early explorers’ ships were wrecked here. Surprisingly, there is considerable wildlife further inland. The best way to visit is a fly-in safari.

The Skeleton Coast

Northern Namibia, Namibia

North of Swakopmund the Skeleton Coast National Park stretches up to the Kunene River.

It is a barren area and particularly aptly named. Strong currents, treacherous fog and shifting underwater sandbanks ensured that many early explorers’ ships were wrecked. They can still be seen, now many metres from the shore.

Wildlife of the Skeleton Coast National Park

The landscape of the Skeleton Coast, whilst stark, is stunning. Rock formations such as the Ugab Formations defy belief. There are clay castles at the Hoarusib Canyon, reverberating dunes that roar and gravel plains covered with ancient welwitschia plants. The dry river valleys are home to desert-adapted elephant, giraffe, brown hyena and more.

Fly-in safaris

The majority of the park is not accessible by vehicle. There are two safari companies that operate fly-in safaris to the area. These last three to four days and experienced safari-goers regard these as some of the best trips in Africa.

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