The Seychelles


Reasons to Visit the Seychelles

  • Beaches

    The Seychelles are world famous for their beaches and in rightly so. They really are as picture postcard beautiful as you imagine. The islands of Seychelles are fringed with perfect white sands ideal for beach lovers.

  • Coastal Scenery

    Taking a sailing trip is an excellent way to see more of the Seychelles’ beautiful island coastline. Swimming in secluded coves and exploring Robinson Crusoe-style desert islands is the stuff of daydreams.

    Coastal Scenery
  • Diving & Snorkelling

    Snorkelling and diving in the Seychelles are fantastic ways to see the diverse coral reefs and marine life. The best time to snorkel with whale sharks is in August and between October and January.

    Diving & Snorkelling
  • Luxury hotels

    There is a wide range of accommodation on the Seychelles including deluxe five-star hotels, Creole guesthouses, boutique hotels, plantation houses and exclusive private island hideaways (these have only one exclusive lodge). Accommodation locations range from the larger islands of Praslin and Mahé to sleepy La Digue and far flung Desroches.

    Luxury hotels
  • Marine Wildlife

    The coral reefs and drop-offs are host to an array of marine life from the big game fish marlin, sailfish and tuna to the colourful reef fish which teem in schools around the coral.

    Marine Wildlife
  • Migratory birds

    The Seychelles is home to well over 200 species of birds that vary from residents that stay all year around, to migrants who pass through with the seasons. Bird Island, as the name suggests, is alone home to around 800,000 pairs of sooty terns.

    Migratory birds
  • Relaxation

    Lying back with a cocktail and occasionally dipping into the turquoise Indian Ocean to cool off is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a day, or even a few!

  • Turtles

    If you visit from Oct-Jan you may be lucky enough to be joined by the Hawksbill turtles. Now critically endangered, they come ashore to dig their nests in the sand and then lay their eggs. A couple of months later (Dec-Mar)the hatchlings scuttle back into the sea during the night. The rare Green Turtle can be seen from June to September.


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Things to Do in the Seychelles: The Wild South

The Wild South shows you the highlights of Mahe. Breathtaking scenery combined with the flora, fauna and pristine beaches show you some of the contrasts on Mahe.

Giant tortoise, Seychelles

The Wild South

Mahé Island, The Seychelles
  • Wildlife & Nature

The Wild South shows you the highlights of Mahe. It is a full day tour and an excellent introduction to the Seychelles. Breathtaking scenery combined with the flora, fauna and pristine beaches show you some of the contrasts on Mahe.

The day begins with a hotel transfer to Victoria for a guided visit of its main attractions including, 'Little Ben' and the market with its abundance of fresh fish and local vegetables and fruits. Then it is over the mountains and through the Morne Seychellois National Park - inhabited by rare species of birds before stopping at the scenic Mission Lodge.

You then travel south of the island with a brief stop at a Pineapple Studio, where craftsmen produce a variety of arts and silkscreen prints. Then visit the Cap Lazare Nature Reserve where you can enjoy a Creole buffet lunch on the private beachfront.

Spend the afternoon either snorkelling or visiting an exclusive estate, home to one of the largest colonies of giant land tortoises.

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