Reasons to Visit Uganda

  • Safari Wildlife

    Many people assume Uganda doesn't have much large game and the only reason to visit is to see gorillas. This, however, would be a mistake as the various parks are home to many large mammal species, including lion, leopard, hyena jackal, buffalo and elephant. There are also numerous antelope and bird species.

    Safari Wildlife
  • Chimpanzees

    It is home to the greatest variety and highest concentration of primates in East Africa. There are 13 primate species found within the forest including chimpanzees, red-tailed monkey, L'Hoest's monkey, blue monkey, grey-cheeked mangabey, red colobus and black-and-white colobus.

  • Gorillas

    Making your way through the bamboo forests and into the dense montane forest you will trek for between two and five hours to find your allocated group of mountain gorillas. The sometimes strenuous walk to find the gorillas is always made up for by this truly unique experience!

  • Safari

    Something a bit different which you can enjoy at the Semliki Wildlife Reserve is a night game-drive. Setting off after dinner, you may catch a glimpse of a leopard in a tree; Serval cats, civets, Ugandan kob, mongoose, the strange triple-winged nightjars and nocturnal bush hogs are regularly spotted.

  • Village Life

    Few countries in Africa provide so many opportunities to view such colourful and vibrant village life. Driving through the lush rural countryside numerous villages are scattered along terraced hillsides. The interaction with the local people in these remote locations often generates some of the most memorable travel experiences.

    Village Life

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Popular Places in Uganda

Popular Places in Uganda

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{A9D578D3-941E-4AE5-BBED-3F6C0C4F95FF} Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

One of the most biologically diverse forests in Africa

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{BEBEE9D2-4D5A-46FE-B435-9070D161E355} Kampala

The capital of Uganda, it has a good range of accommodation options

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{5E619A61-26EA-4755-AB77-F6B33CFAE10A} Kibale Forest National Park

Home to the greatest variety of primates in East Africa

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{68FA641F-379E-4110-86C4-EE43FA09562D} Lake Bunyonyi

Enjoy water based activities or simply relax by its shores

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