Reasons to Visit Zambia

  • Big cats & safari wildlife

    Zambia is a safari destination for the connoisseur, boasting a fantastic range of wildlife in its diverse national parks. Many amazing game experiences can be had within the national parks, with lion virtually guaranteed and leopard in abundance. This superb array of game can be appreciated on foot, by car or on the water.

    Big cats & safari wildlife
  • Birds

    Zambia offers the full range of fascinating, colourful birdlife you’d expect to see on safari, with a range of water based birds in the Lower Zambezi and Kafue National Parks. The Bangweulu Wetlands are one of the few places on the planet where you can see the impressive Shoebill Stork.

  • Boat trips

    An evening cruise on the Zambezi in Livingstone and game viewing from Kafue’s Lufupa River are wonderfully relaxing, but best of all are the water based activities in the Lower Zambezi. Drifting slowly down river, observing elephants coming into drink as the sun goes down is one of the definitive African experiences.

    Boat trips
  • Night drives

    With night drives offered in all of the major national parks, Zambia is arguably the best destination in Africa to observe nocturnal wildlife. The South Luangwa in particular is known for outstanding leopard sightings, and there is a tangible excitement to watching how wildlife behaves after dark.

    Night drives
  • Victoria Falls

    By any judgement Victoria Falls is an awesome force of nature. During the wet season up to 550 million litres of water cascades over the lip of the Falls each minute, offering an intensely photogenic experience. The spectacle that so bewitched David Livingstone is still equally impressive today.

    Victoria Falls
  • Walking safari

    Walking offers an opportunity to appreciate the birdlife, track animals footprints and learn about the smaller creatures such as a mother and baby warthogs. It makes an excellent contrast to a game drive and allows visitors to understand more about the ecosystems of the South Luangwa.

    Walking safari

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Accommodation in Zambia: Tafika

Tafika is located just outside the Nsefu Sector of the South Luangwa Park in a game management area. As it is a remote lodge, on walks and drives you will see superb game but few if any other vehicles.

Our Rating: First Class


South Luangwa National Park

Tafika Camp has a fabulous situation underneath giant leadwood trees perched high on the banks of the Luangwa River. There is a wide lawn with fabulous views of the river and bush beyond with a few hippo slides indenting the high sided banks for those large herbivorous creatures returning to the water after a night of grazing. Iridescent kingfishers and bee-eaters flit over the waters and the gentle grunt of hippos can be heard. Sitting on a canvas deckchair on the lawn, or gently swaying above it on a hammock, you can often see antelope, elephant and other large mammals come to the waters to drink. It is a magical spot.
Tafika is the home of John and Carol Coppinger and their two delightful daughters, Christine and Jenny.

There is a relaxed family atmosphere and you feel instantly at home. The main lodge itself is an open sided thatched area complete with a bar, lounge and dining area. Seated in camp chairs at meal times, delicious home cooked food is served. There are five reed and thatch chalets set under the trees, spaced out across the lawns. There is an additional chalet designed to cater for families, with two bedrooms sharing an en-suite bathroom. Each chalet is spacious and has two double beds, locally made wardrobes and side tables. The en-suite open air bathrooms have a covered toilet, twin wash basins and power shower perfect for star gazing at night. It is not unusual to see birds flitting in and out of the bathroom or even a tiny tree frog perched on the tap.

Tafika is located just outside the Nsefu Sector of the South Luangwa Park in a game management area. As it is a remote lodge, on walks and drives you will see superb game but few if any other vehicles. There is also the chance to go with John on a micro lighting trip to soar above the animals in the early or late light. It is also possible to visit the nearby Mkasanga Village where many of the Tafika staff and guides come from.

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