French Polynesia


Reasons to Visit French Polynesia

  • Art & Crafts

    Tahitian culture is more in evidence now that ever before and not just in the sophisticated dances and performance art but in the revival of symbolic tattoo art through which Polynesians use the dark strong colours to assert their ma'ohi identity.

    Art & Crafts
  • Diving

    Rangiroa was described by Jacques Cousteau as the richest aquarium on the planet matched only by the other great Tuamotu lagoons on Tikehau, Manihi and Fakarava; now one of UNESCO's most valued biospheres.

  • Multi culture

    The islands of French Polynesia have long been a melting pot of migrant peoples who have made the most of the ecology and geology of this region of the South Pacific to create sophisticated cultures.

    Multi culture
  • Overwater bungalows

    For most people an overwater bungalow set in a turquoise lagoon is the essence of French Polynesia and the reason to travel thousands of kilomtres round the world for the ultimate romantic holiday.

    Overwater bungalows
  • Pearls

    One of the most successful uses of light is visible in the pearl industry in which French Polynesia has become a world leader. The most sought after pearls are from the farms on Taha'a an in the Tuamotus and you may even get a chance to see the incredibly rare black pearls.


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Visit Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia

The Tuamotu Islands are the largest of the Polynesian archipelagos and include over 76 islands and atolls. They extend over more than 20,000 square kilometres and are sparsely inhabited by a mere 12,500 people.

Shrimp, Manihi

Tuamotu Islands

French Polynesia

The largest of the Polynesian archipelagos includes over 76 islands and atolls, extending over more than 20,000 square kilometres, sparsely inhabited by a mere 12,500 people.

Undiscovered for many years and concentrating on their traditional activity of farming pearls, these islands are slowly waking up to the fact that foreign guests may wish to visit these pristine tropical retreats. The welcoming locals live in picturesque white-washed houses, decorated with shell art.

Visiting the islands

Despite being a 90 minute flight from Tahiti, comfort levels are maintained by solar energy that powers all modern conveniences, and these islands are wonderful for people who want to experience a remote, unspoiled region scarcely touched by the outside world.

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