New Zealand


Reasons to Visit New Zealand

  • Food & wine

    This small nation has established a name for fabulous wineries, many internationally acclaimed. Whilst most will point connoisseurs to the Marlborough region for the finest vintages, Hawkes Bay and Martinborough should not be ignored. A trip here would not be complete without trying the local 'fush 'n' chups' or traditional Maori fare either.

    Food & wine
  • Landscapes

    For a small country, New Zealand incorporates landscapes as diverse as they come. Mountains, volcanoes, beaches, lakes, fiords, valleys and caves - to the everyday traveller these remarkable sights are other-worldly. Both the North and South islands share many common features, but are also wonderfully contrasting.

  • Light adventure

    It's not necessary to throw yourself off a suspended platform in order to fully experience New Zealand. Alternative options include air safaris over White Island, heli-hiking the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers and wilderness cruises in Milford and Doubful Sounds.

    Light adventure
  • Maori culture

    New Zealanders are proud of their Maori roots. Maori song, dance and mythology are prevalent, towns are adorned with carvings and rooms are dressed in flax weavings. Most physical locations also have Maori names with literal translations such as Waimakariri River (Cold water river).

    Maori culture
  • Outdoors & coastal living

    The 'outdoors' perception of New Zealanders is not something consciously cultivated; with such a plentitude of mountains, beaches, fiords lakes and forests on their doorstep it is simply a way of life.

    Outdoors & coastal living
  • Self-drive

    New Zealand has wonderful roads - scenic, safe and, especially on the South Island, largely empty. They even drive on the left and some of the most scenic routes are waymarked. There are car hire stations at all of New Zealand's airports.

  • Walking & trekking

    There are so many excellent hikes - or 'tramps' as the locals call them - in New Zealand that it is sometimes difficult to know which one to select. We feature several of the country's 'great walks' which can easily be incorportated into any itinerary.

    Walking & trekking

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Visit Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is likely to be your gateway to New Zealand, and is certainly worth a couple of days to experience the cosmopolitan mix of the Polynesian world’s largest city. Known as the ‘City of Sails’, there are plenty of reasons to take to the water here.

Temperature and Precipitation

Auckland climate data provided by
Precipitation (mm)681038811412212613114297919295
Temperature (°C)242423211816151517182022

Daylight, Sunshine and UV

Auckland sunshine data provided by
Sunshine hours776544455667
Daylight hours14.413.412.311.
UV Index121185322357911

UV Index and what it means

The ultraviolet index is a measure of the risk of skin damage due to exposure to the sun. Be aware that the potential damage caused by the sun varies from person to person as well as by time of day, altitude and several other factors. We recommend contacting your GP for further advice.


Wear sunglasses on bright days; use sunscreen if there is snow on the ground (which reflects UV radiation) or if you have particularly fair skin.


Wear sunglasses and use sunscreen, cover the body with clothing and a hat, and seek shade around midday when the sun is most intense.


Wear sunglasses and use sunscreen having SPF 15 or higher, cover the body with sun protective clothing and a wide-brim hat, and reduce time in the sun from two hours before to three hours after solar noon.


Wear sunscreen, a shirt, sunglasses and a hat. Do not stay out in the sun for too long.


Take all precautions, including: wear sunglasses and use sunscreen, cover the body with a long-sleeved shirt and trousers, wear a very broad hat, and avoid the sun from two hours before to three hours after solar noon.

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