Reasons to Visit Alaska

  • Bears

    Alaska, the USA’s largest state, has to be some of the best bear watching territory anywhere in the world. Black and brown bears (sometimes known as grizzly bears) can be found, when they want to be, nearly everywhere in the state.

  • Cruises

    Alaska offers some truly spectacular cruising opportunities on a wide variety of ships. Some of the country’s most awe-inspiring scenery lies around its magnificent coastline; places such as Glacier Bay, Admiralty Island and Tracy Arm.

  • Fishing

    Famous for its salmon, fishing is a popular pastime in Alaska and there are many places in which to partake in the sport. If you are in Homer don’t miss the opportunity to land a prize-winning halibut in this self-proclaimed Halibut Fishing Capital of the World!

  • Glaciers

    Along the coast of Alaska, some of North America’s highest mountains feed more than half the world’s glaciers, an epic sight as they carve icebergs into chill waters. Expedition cruises operate in these waters using zodiacs to discover breathtaking coastlines and a plethora of wildlife.

  • Landscape & scenery

    Home to magnificent glaciers, endless tundra and pristine fjords, as well as being the home of North America’s highest mountain, Mount Mckinley, Alaska’s scenery rivals that of New Zealand, except everything can be seen here on a larger scale.

    Landscape & scenery
  • Wilderness

    In a state where moose outnumber humans, it’s no wonder Alaska is considered one of the world’s last true wildernesses. Here you can find entire ecosystems still intact and vast areas of land untouched by human hands.

  • Wildlife

    One Alaskan animal you are likely to see a lot of are the delightful sea otters. These enchanting animals spend most of their lives floating on their backs, furry faces and paws in the air.


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Things to Do in Alaska: The Bears of Brooks Falls

Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park is world renowned for its large population of grizzly bears, mainly due to the prolific amounts of salmon to be found in the Brooks River.

The Bears of Brooks Falls

Anchorage, Alaska
  • Air, Helicopter & Balloon
  • Cruises, Sailing & Water
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Walking & Biking
  • Wildlife & Nature

Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park is world renowned for its large population of grizzly bears, mainly due to the prolific amounts of salmon to be found in the Brooks River.

This excursion can be arranged as part of your tailor-made trip to Alaska. It begins in Anchorage with a flight, via King Salmon or Kulik Lodge, to Brooks. The first flight will be on a fixed-wing, wheeled aeroplane, and the second flight is on a smaller float plane.

On arrival you will be met by park service staff for a brief orientation and after that you are free for independent bear viewing at Brooks Falls, where you share special platforms offering unobstructed, close-up bear viewing with fellow visitors.

Along with the bear viewing, there are a number of National Park Ranger programmes available each day, and it is possible to organise kayaking, hiking or fishing excursions.

Bears are typically seen in the area all summer long (sightings are always possible but never guaranteed), however best viewing is generally determined by the runs of salmon that choke the river each year. Later that afternoon, you will be collected to begin your journey back to Anchorage. (approx length of trip - 10 to 12 hours).

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