Reasons to Visit Cuba

  • Beaches

    It’s surprisingly easy to forget Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and has by far the most beaches. The powder white sand and blue waters of a Cuban beach on a sunny day feels like walking through a postcard.

  • Cigars

    The Cuban cigar is one of the countries most famous exports. They are renowned for their flavour and quality as well as the precision and skill which goes into rolling that perfect Cohiba. Visiting a cigar factory is a classic Cuban experience and taking in the plantations in the beautiful countryside around Vinales is a real highlight.

  • Countryside

    If you want to see the real Cuba, head out of the bustling towns and into the surrounding countryside. There are huge sugar cane plantations and cattle ranches, towering royal palms, impressive mountain ranges covered in thick tropical vegetation and rich, fertile fields still ploughed by oxen. You'll also see local Cubans selling their produce or going about the serious business of playing dominoes with the ever-present bottle of rum!

  • History

    Cuba has a truly fascinating past. Reading about Spanish colonialism, revolution, dictatorships and more revolution unveils the country’s story and how it fits into the modern world today in its own unique way. Taking the time to learn about its past and then talking about it with the locals when you arrive is an extremely rewarding experience.

  • Music

    The soul of Cuba is in its music and dance. Any visitor will find the vibrant rhythms of Cuban music providing a permanent background beat to their travels. ‘Son’ is perhaps the country’s most well known music and is a passionate and sultry mix of Spanish guitar and African drum, made famous by Ry Cooder and the Buena Vista Social Club.

  • Salsa

    Salsa is a part of the national identity in Cuba and is built into the psyche of its people. It is a national pastime with the locals dancing in atmospheric nightclubs, on the beach or in the streets. No visit to Cuba is complete without a Salsa lesson with the experts.


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Accommodation in Cuba: La Ermita

La Ermita is the sister property to Los Jazmines and offers comparable facilities and service.

Our Rating: Simple

La Ermita


La Ermita is the sister property to Los Jazmines and offers comparable facilities and service. It's 62 rooms are small, a little dark and dated but perfectly comfortable, offer good views and all have a balcony or terrace and en-suite bathrooms.

There is a kidney-shaped pool at the centre of the grounds and a poolside barbeque restaurant bar; the surrounding lawn makes for a wonderful vantage point to enjoy a mojito while watching the sun set behind the stunning Viñales Valley landscape. It does have a main restaurant but on average food reviews are unfortunately pretty poor. The water heating system at La Ermita is solar powered so please be aware that hot water is not always plentiful, especially on cloudy days.

IMPORTANT: We do our very best to ensure you stay in the hotel that is booked for you but the 3 Vinales hotels - Ermita, Rancho San Vicente and Los Jazmines - are now considered to be more of a 'hotel complex' under the same management and occasionally they tend to move clients to one of the other hotels. Our agents will do their utmost to prevent this but it is not always possible to avoid.

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