Reasons to Visit Kyrgyzstan

  • Lakes

    Kyrgyzstan is home to two pristine and deep alpine lakes, Issyk-Kul which never freezes over and provides the main lakeside towns with a pleasant climate and Song-Kol, which although smaller is equally beautiful.

  • Mountains

    94% of Kyrgyzstan landscape is mountainous, with jagged, rugged, peaks towering above the flatter plains. Most of the peaks form part of the dramatic Tian Shan range which sweeps through Central Asia into China.

  • Nomadic culture

    The Kyrgyz have always been a nomadic nation, with customs today developing from the ancient traditions of nomad ancestors. From living quarters to how communities are run the nomadic heritage remains vitally important in Kyrgyzstan.

    Nomadic culture
  • Remote wilderness

    Terrain in Kyrgyzstan is difficult and barren, often treacherous and unknown. However some of the world’s greatest journeys begin here, including crossing the stunning Torugart Pass.

    Remote wilderness
  • Walking

    The opportunities for light hiking or more adventurous trekking are endless. Two of our favourite spots are Ala Archa Canyon and the Jeti Oghuz Valley.


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Popular Places in Kyrgyzstan

Popular Places in Kyrgyzstan

Explore some of our favourite places in Kyrgyzstan.
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{C17C1302-044D-4DF4-BD87-708A2D432BC8} Issyk-Kul

The second largest alpine lake in the world.

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{33A07D4E-40B3-43F4-B9A4-58136F6AD8D6} Karakol

A scenic area ideal for trekking and horse riding.

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{90AAAAA8-53AC-46B9-976C-450E025437CA} Song Kol

The perfect place to experience traditional yurt accommodation.

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