Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan

  • Architecture

    Crumbing archaeological ruins, imposing Islamic monuments and stark Soviet buildings sit alongside one another in Uzbekistan, a constant reminder of the nation’s chequered and indeed lengthy history.

  • Culture

    Uzbekistan is a Muslim country, but there is a distinctly Russian influence as well. Mosques and local dress contribute to the Central Asian feel, while at night the vodka flows in the local restaurants.

  • History

    Uzbekistan's history is dominated by five conquerors, including Alexander the Great and the unstoppable Genghis Khan. Islam took root, slowly, and Soviet rule dominated, oppressively.

  • Markets

    The bazaars and markets of Uzbekistan are vibrant, raucous and exciting, with the national pastime of haggling employed with great vigour. Start low and enjoy the banter!

  • Silk Route cities

    The names of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand inspire today the same excitement and allure as they have done to Silk Road travellers for hundreds of years.

    Silk Route cities

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A to Z of Accommodation in Uzbekistan

With Audley, where you stay is very much part of the experience. Wherever possible we try to track down characterful accommodation. We regularly inspect the accommodation we use, updating our knowledge on existing properties and researching new alternatives

Here we feature some of our most interesting properties, although we recommend and use many others to suit all budgets and tastes.

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