Reasons to Visit Borneo

  • Diving & snorkelling

    Simply grab your snorkelling gear and jump in to the warm turquoise waters awash with life! Coral reefs, turtles and brightly coloured fish can be seen all over the east coast. For keener divers, several islands off the east coast are considered amongst the world's best locations.

    Diving & snorkelling
  • Indigenous peoples

    The times of headhunting in Borneo are behind us now but even up until the 1960's this was common practice in the interior of the country. Today you can still visit the riverside tribal longhouses and enjoy a glass of rice wine with the elders of the village.

    Indigenous peoples
  • Orang-utan

    Critically endangered, orang-utan are now found on only two islands in the world, Borneo being one of them. There are three main areas where you can see these fantastic creatures: the Kinabatangan River, the Danum Valley and the Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

  • Trekking

    Climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Southeast Asia, is top of many people's list when they come to Borneo. The five day Headhunters Trail takes you through longhouses and forest camps. In Maliau Basin you can experience a unique Lost World rarely visited by anyone other than researchers. In Danum Valley you can explore the jungle on the look out for wildlife.

  • Wildlife

    Taking a boat through the jungles of Borneo gives you an amazing opportunity for a close-up view of pygmy elephants, proboscis monkey, crocodile and dozens of bird species, such as native hornbills. If you prefer to explore by land then you can trek through pristine rainforests on the look out for monkeys swinging through the trees - and of course there are orang-utan.


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{61111295-57B9-4D13-AFD0-0D344A0AA746} Bako National Park

The smallest but oldest of all Sarawak’s national parks

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{A9406F2F-DAFE-4BE2-A2D3-F8E5DED7FFD2} Batang Ai

Witness distinctive lifestyles and experience the ancient culture

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{C1D53B17-9EB5-4326-AA00-9F5C440C88E0} Danum Valley

See diverse wildlife including the iconic orang-utans

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{313E9921-021E-467C-905F-8E6C48982A37} Kinabatangan River

Sabah’s longest river is home to an impressive array of wildlife

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{2F89FD22-D276-4AD2-A5A1-77B4ECA00A93} Kota Kinabalu

The area is best enjoyed for its wonderful tropical islands

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{5BEEEE46-0903-4FB6-B64D-436BEB201FA5} Kuching

One of few places in Sarawak where you can see orang-utans

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{27A73EDA-76FA-4E3E-921D-40D95740B970} Mount Kinabalu

The the highest peak in Malaysia: climb it or just admire it

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{2260210B-4D7D-48A2-AD72-90A24BE22214} Mulu National Park

Home to the world’s largest limestone cave system

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{D39451F0-E12F-453E-88C8-53F4673BFD25} Sipadan, Mabul & Kapalai Islands

Enjoy some of the finest coral reefs and dive sites in the world

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