Reasons to Visit Malaysia

  • Beaches

    Malaysia`s picture perfect white sand beaches and year round travel season means they are the envy of their Southeast Asian neighbours! From the private island of Pangkor Laut, long quiet beaches around Kuala Terengganu, popular white sand beaches on Langkawi and hidden gems on small islands off the East coast.

  • Colonial history

    UNESCO sites Malacca and George Town were once cities which rose from humble fishing villages to become major centres of the spice trade. Four centuries of European influence have left behind rich cultural icons including Dutch churches, remnants of ruined Portuguese and British fortresses and imposing town halls.

    Colonial history
  • Highland scenery

    Enjoy the peace and solitude around the Cameron Highlands, following jungle trails to streams, lakes and waterfalls, or take time to visit one of the nearby tea plantations.

    Highland scenery
  • Jungle scenery

    Explore Taman Negara National Park on foot, by boat and even 25 metres up in the jungle on a canopy walkway. Climb Teresik Hill, swim in the water holes around the rapids of Lata Berkoh or just walk amongst the flora of the oldest rainforest in the world.

    Jungle scenery
  • Local cuisine

    A foodies delight! Malaysia is a true melting pot of cultures and the Indian, Chinese and Malay influence is strongly evident in the food. Places like Penang, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur have hawkers stalls and local restaurants on every corner. Eating really is a national hobby here so get involved!

    Local cuisine

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Visit Langkawi, Malaysia

The 99 islands of the Langkawi archipelago lie some 20 miles off the northwest coast of Malaysia, in the Andaman Sea. You can explore caves and waterfalls, play a round of golf and enjoy a boat trip.



The 99 islands of the Langkawi archipelago lie some 20 miles off the northwest coast of Malaysia, in the Andaman Sea.

This serene, tropical island paradise of myth and legend has a thickly-jungled interior encircled by white, velvety sands.

Malaysia’s finest beach resorts

The main town of Kuah fades into rice paddies and small villages, whilst Malaysia’s finest beach resorts are sprinkled along the island’s secluded coast.


You can explore the island’s caves and waterfalls, play a round of golf, enjoy a boat trip around the archipelago or simply lie back and relax on one of the perfect beaches.

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