Reasons to Visit Thailand

  • Beaches

    For some Thailand is synonymous with beaches and there is no debating that many of the islands and beaches in the south of the county are truly stunning with a dramatic backdrop of limestone casts which literally erupt out of the water. Many of the islands are still relatively undeveloped and the crystal clear water and abundance of marine life make for some stunning diving and snorkelling.

  • Local cuisine

    An absolute paradise for food lovers, from the spicy soups of the north to the sublime creamy green curries in the south, Thai food is adored by visitors and locals alike. For those who wish to broaden their palate Bangkok is one of the cuisine capitals of the world with food from virtually corner of the planet represented in the various stalls and restaurants.

    Local cuisine
  • Local culture

    "Mai pen rai" is a common expression used by the Thais which means "it's all right". This sums up their approach to life and is reflected in their warm smiles and genuine love for giving warm and friendly service to the farangs (friends) who visit their country. Many people say their main reason for repeat visits is down to the warmth of the people. This warmth permeates through all levels of Thai society from city dwellers to the many ethnic hill tribe people living in the north of the country.

    Local culture
  • National Parks

    Nowhere does the natural beauty of Thailand shine through more than in the national parks dotted around the country. Thailand has one of the highest percentages of protected land of any nation in the world. Whilst today the larger species such as the Asiatic bear and Asian tiger are rather elusive, there are still great viewing opportunities available including hornbills in Doi Inthanon, wild elephants in Khao Yai and giant manta rays in the Similan Islands.

    National Parks
  • Temples

    The majority of Thais are devout Buddhists and this devotion manifests itself in the ornate and wonderfully sculptured temples, or wats, which can be found in every part of the country. The two most famous examples are Wat Pho in the capital, Bangkok and the magnificent Doi Suthep in the northern town of Chiang Mai which is perched on a hill overlooking the city. However a typical journey through Thailand will throw up an array of more subtle but no less interesting wats where the locals can be seen paying their respects to Buddha.


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Things to Do in Thailand: Phanom Rung & Phimai

Prasat Hin Phanom Rung is the most beautiful sandstone Sanctuary in Thailand, where you can learn about the fascinating Khmer heritage of the region.

Entering through the east gate of Phanom Rung

Phanom Rung & Phimai

Khao Yai National Park, Isaan, Thailand
  • Culture & History

Prasat Hin Phanom Rung is the most beautiful sandstone Sanctuary in Thailand, where you can learn about the fascinating Khmer heritage of the region.

Phanom Rung Historical Park houses the largest and best restored Khmer temple in Thailand. Built in sandstone and laterite between the 10th and 13th centuries and originally as a Hindu monument, the temple stands majestically on the summit of an inactive volcano with views, on a clear day, of Cambodia's Dongrek mountains. It is in this direction that the capital of the Angkor empire once stood and Phanom Rung is widely believed to have been a blueprint for Angkor Wat.

Phanom Rung was built on a large scale with many impressive design aspects including an approach along a 160 metre avenue of pink sandstone pillars which leads to an incredibly ornate five-headed naga bridge, representing the division between the worlds of mortals and gods. The bridge leads into the main sanctuary, once symbolizing a place of power and beauty, yet which still remains a magnificent site today.

In the afternoon you proceed to Phimai Historical Park for a visit of Prasat Hin Phimai. This is another splendid example of classical Khmer religious architecture. The main shrine is rich of Hindu and Mahayana Buddhist Iconography, including of the Hindu Gods Shiva and Vishnu and scenes from the Great Hindu Epic, the Ramayana. Depart Phimai and return to your accommodation.

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