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Tagines, Morocco

From the blog in January 2014

  • Tagines, Morocco

    Gluten free diet in Morocco

    02 Min Read

    We are thinking about a holiday in Morocco but am concerned about my wife's gluten-free diet. Can you provide any information on how this might be catered for in Morocco please?

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  • Monks at Amarapura

    Stepping out of the Shadows

    06 Min Read

    Myanmar is garnering all the publicity, but nearby Laos has equal sites and spirituality, with lower costs and none of the crowds. Southeast Asia specialist Jack Tydeman compares the two.

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  • Tren Crucero pulling into Ambato

    All Change in Ecuador

    06 Min Read

    Ecuador is upping its game in 2014, from restored haciendas to the reopening of a historic train line. Our specialists have been investigating these exciting new developments.

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  • The Arctic Circle

    Arctic adventure

    02 Min Read

    I have a good thirty something days for touring the Arctic in extreme conditions (for adventure of course) but I don't know much about it. For example the cost of the whole trip, training, type of adventure I am going to get, etc. Please guide me so I can decide if to go for some adventure or just for sightseeing.

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  • Orangutan in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Malaysian Borneo

    Orangutans in Borneo

    01 Min Read

    We would like to spend some time with the orangutans in Borneo. We love all animals and wildlife and this has been a passion of mine for some time, as these creatures are beautiful and so loving and deserve the very best care people can give them. Any advice you can give us on the best times to go and places to stay would be appreciated?

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  • Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

    Awesome Antarctica

    03 Min Read

    Polar and Falkland Islands specialist Conor Powell was wowed by the epic scale and pristine beauty of the White Continent

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