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Jenna on Bondi Beach, Australia

Jenna, Australia Specialist

Jenna first discovered her passion for travel and appreciation for cultural diversity while attending Northeastern University, where she spent a year and a half studying and working in France, Israel, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and India.

Since then, Jenna has continued to pursue cultural education and travel independently. Her most recent adventures include auditioning for a Bollywood movie in India, consulting for a solar energy social enterprise in Cambodia, and getting her open water and advanced scuba licenses on the Great Barrier Reef. Before coming to Audley, Jenna spent a year living in Australia, which will always hold a special place in her heart. Living there for a year among other travellers with many different backgrounds taught Jenna the invaluable experience of learning about cultural diversity through first-hand travel experience.

Jenna is extremely excited to be sharing her passion for exploration and cross-cultural understanding as an Australia Country Specialist.

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Audley Travel specialist Jenna

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I'll never forget when…

One of my favorite memories was the sunrise Yellow Water Billabong Cruise in Kakadu National Park. Nothing can compare to the beauty of watching the sunrise reflected in the stillness of the water and witnessing the wildlife waking up and starting the day. I could not believe the diversity of wildlife I was able to see in such a short period of time and in such close proximity to one another.

We saw wild horses running through the sunrise mist, crocodiles swimming silently next to our boat, Australian darter birds spearing fish with their beaks, brilliantly colored Kingfisher birds, and wallabies hopping alongside the riverbank. Our Aboriginal guide taught us so much about our surroundings as well as why the natural world is so important in aboriginal culture. I was able to learn so much in one of the most beautiful natural settings.

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Jenna visiting Arnhem Land, Australia Jenna visiting Arnhem Land, Australia
Jenna in Barossa Valley, Australia Jenna in Barossa Valley, Australia
Jenna in the Daintree Rainforest, Australia Jenna in the Daintree Rainforest, Australia
Jenna visiting Sydney, Australia Jenna visiting Sydney, Australia