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State Hermitage Museum

When is the best time to visit Russia?

Summer, with its long, light evenings and balmy temperatures, is the classic time to visit these northerly climes, and for those wishing to visit Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian railway this is the ideal - though most popular - option. The brief but glorious months of spring and autumn offer an excellent opportunity to experience European Russia in uncrowded peace, while many consider St Petersburg at its best in its glittering winter dressing of snow. Despite plummeting temperatures, travel in winter does remain a possibility if one is properly prepared - even the Trans-Siberian railway continues to chug across the icebound steppe.

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September is my favorite month to visit Russia as the heat of summer is fading away but the days are still mild and sunny - perfect for photography. The changing of the leaves means that the colorful onion domes are complemented beautifully by this natural spectacle.

John, Russia, Central Asia, & The Silk Route Specialist

Russia Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Irkutsk -15°C 12mm -10°C 8mm -1°C 12mm 8°C 20mm 17°C 33mm 22°C 69mm 24°C 114mm 22°C 91mm 15°C 57mm 6°C 27mm -5°C 22mm -12°C 19mm
Kazan -9°C 34mm -8°C 27mm -1°C 24mm 9°C 34mm 19°C 37mm 23°C 67mm 25°C 68mm 23°C 60mm 16°C 54mm 7°C 50mm -1°C 42mm -6°C 37mm
Lake Baikal -18°C 11mm -14°C 5mm -4°C 4mm 5°C 11mm 14°C 19mm 20°C 38mm 23°C 75mm 21°C 64mm 14°C 38mm 5°C 19mm -5°C 25mm -13°C 25mm
Moscow -6°C 43mm -5°C 35mm 1°C 33mm 10°C 42mm 18°C 49mm 22°C 78mm 23°C 89mm 21°C 76mm 15°C 63mm 8°C 61mm 1°C 57mm -4°C 53mm
Novgorod -6°C 30mm -5°C 23mm 0°C 29mm 8°C 35mm 17°C 42mm 21°C 63mm 22°C 74mm 20°C 72mm 14°C 64mm 8°C 55mm 1°C 52mm -3°C 38mm
St Petersburg -5°C 38mm -4°C 29mm 1°C 33mm 8°C 36mm 16°C 40mm 21°C 61mm 22°C 76mm 21°C 79mm 15°C 71mm 8°C 65mm 2°C 58mm -2°C 49mm
Ulan Ude -19°C 5mm -14°C 3mm -3°C 3mm 7°C 8mm 16°C 14mm 23°C 44mm 25°C 76mm 22°C 63mm 15°C 31mm 5°C 10mm -7°C 12mm -15°C 12mm
Vladivostok -9°C 10mm -5°C 15mm 2°C 21mm 9°C 45mm 15°C 66mm 17°C 93mm 22°C 112mm 24°C 142mm 20°C 122mm 14°C 65mm 4°C 31mm -5°C 17mm

Month-by-month guide to traveling in Russia

Peterhof Palace

Visiting Russia in September - October

September and October are Russia's autumn months, when the trees take on attractive rust and gold hues. The cities are less crowded, making exploring the museums a more pleasant experience. The fountains at Peterhof close at the end of September, while towards the end of October you may encounter the first snowfall.

Events & Festivals

  • Moscow City Day (early September): Moscow's birthday is celebrated with military tattoos, firework displays, musical concerts, creative workshops, educational lectures and street theatre performances over several days. Read more »

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