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Careese in sunflower fields, France

Careese, France Specialist

I grew up in a small town in northeast Connecticut surrounded by people who shared similar ethnic backgrounds and cultural experiences. It wasn’t until I enrolled in an international boarding school as a teenager that I was exposed to individuals from all around the world. Walking down the hallway between classes I would hear seven different languages at once. This experience and the friendships I made were completely transformative and pushed me to travel to over 23 countries. I quickly became the person friends and family members turned to when they needed help planning a trip so taking a job with Audley was a natural next step.

I’m excited about helping others discover everything France has to offer and to share my love for the country. Some of my personal highlights when visiting are hiking, swimming in the Mediterranean and eating lavender ice cream as often as possible.

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Audley Travel specialist Careese

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I'll never forget when…

During my trip around Normandy my guide brought me to the German Cemetery and after several days of visiting D-day sites I felt this was one of the most powerful places we had encountered. Some of the graves held boys as young as 16. Seeing a physical representation of the massive losses on both sides of the conflict brought the devastation of World War II home to me and the history and consequences of conflict sharply into focus. I feel such an appreciation for my life and for those who went before me after touring the area.

Photos of Careese

Careese at Pont du Gard, France Careese at Pont du Gard, France
Careese outside Notre Dame in Paris, France Careese outside Notre Dame in Paris, France
Careese on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France Careese on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France
Careese in Nice, France Careese in Nice, France