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Harry, Latin America Specialist

A year after graduating from college, Harry felt the need to get out and see the world. Latin America has always intrigued him, and being fond of the outdoors he wanted to hike bigger mountains and see different landscapes. This led Harry to grab a backpack and fly out to Costa Rica to stay with a friend on a one-way ticket. From Costa Rica down to Peru, Harry did everything from hiking Colca Canyon in Peru to bungee jumping in Ecuador. Completing the Inca Trail was one of his greatest feats, and one thing he will always remember.

Since working for Audley, Harry has been able to revisit Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands. Recently he went on a research trip to Cuba as well, learning about the colonial architecture, history and music of an amazing country. Sharing these experiences and sending people on amazing tirps like the ones he's taken often feels more like fun than work.

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It was truly a memorable experience, I can't say enough about Audley Travel and the trip they planned for us.

Cami, Terry and Daniel traveled to Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands for 8 days in April 2016, organized by Harry S

We loved this trip! Snorkeling on the Galapagos Islands was perhaps our favorite part as we saw so many penguins and sea turtles swimming with us. It was truly a memorable experience. All of the hotels & tours Harry booked for us were spectacular and all of the guides were extremely knowledgeable. Harry even switched a tour last minute so we could visit a lesser known site we heard about and I couldn’t have been happier being able to do that while still seeing the Otavalo Market and getting to take home three pieces of artwork. I can’t say enough about Audley Travel and the trip they planned for us.

I'll never forget when…

Nothing can excite you more than your first up close sloth interaction. The first few times I encountered a sloth, they would do little more than sit in the tree with their eyes closed. After all, sloths are said to sleep up to 20 hours a day, and some may only move about 300 meters in a whole month. One day, however, we spotted a three-toed sloth at the bottom of a tree near Tortuguero National Park. We walked through the crowd snapping pictures, and that was when the sloth turned it's head very slowly, smiled at me, and began to make his way up the tree. It was such a strange creature -- moving like molasses up the massive tree, and I couldn't help but grin and bask in the wonderful wildlife experience.

Photos of Harry

Harry in Cuba Harry in Cuba
Harry after a hike near Arenal Volcano Harry after a hike near Arenal Volcano
The beautiful city of Quito The beautiful city of Quito
Before ziplining in Arenal Before ziplining in Arenal
Harry on a trip to Las Cajas National Park Harry on a trip to Las Cajas National Park