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Keara, Canada Specialist

From a very young age I was a frequent flyer, crossing the Atlantic between Canada and Europe on many occasions. However, like many Canadians, it took a while for me to appreciate that my own backyard was bursting with such beauty and diversity. Growing up in Ontario I first explored the culture and history of Québec during ski trips to picturesque winter villages, while in the summer we explored the bustling food scene in Montréal. As the years went by, I craved to see more of the Canada that people I had met abroad raved about. This lead me to British Colombia and Alberta where I was blown away by the landscape. After having the privilege of exploring Canada from a visitor’s perspective I cannot wait to create inspiring trips for visitors to my home country.

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I'll never forget when…

Having always been fascinated by nature and animals, I was exceptionally excited by the opportunity to go whale watching off the coast of Vancouver Island. Sailing from Telegraph Cove I was whisked past boreal forests as the fog lifted to reveal the crystal-clear water surrounding us. The skipper turned off the engine and soon a pod of orcas became curious and swam beside our boat while the baby orca breached in front of us numerous times. Later, a humpback whale celebrated a successful feeding by slapping its tail on the surface of the water for minutes on end. It was magical.

Photos of Keara

Keara on Lake Louise, Canada Keara on Lake Louise, Canada
Keara visiting Telegraph Cove, Canada Keara visiting Telegraph Cove, Canada