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The Assafou Association aims to help both children and women to gain an education

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The Assafou Association

The Assafou Association is dedicated to building centres to provide preschool education, fight illiteracy among rural women and encourage the preservation of rural communities in Morocco.

Located in Al Haouz, the area of the High Atlas mountains nearest to Marrakesh, the association aims to build at least one school per year in remote villages in the mountains to enable both children and women to gain an education. In a society where traditionally women’s education was considered unimportant, it is a huge advantage for the girls and women of these villages to have literacy classes.

Some of the schools also have workshops where traditional skills which may have been dying out (embroidery, weaving etcetera) are taught to provide the female population with extra income.

So far four schools have been built in different villages within the area, providing education for over 200 children and literacy classes for more than 100 women.

After visiting one of the schools late in 2013 it was decided that the organisation was a well–structured and ethical charity to which Audley could make a difference. It comes under the auspices of our local partners in Morocco who we know to be responsible and ethical.

Moreover the area in which the schools are built is one that our clients often visit and if they wish we may be able to arrange for a visit to the school. We will of course ensure that any visits are done sensitively and in a way that does not cause too much disruption to the children.

Some of our clients have already enjoyed a couple of hours with the children singing English songs to the benefit of both parties.

If you would like further information please speak to your specialist or visit the Assafou Association website.

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