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CNCF established a permanent centre with the aim of creating stable homes for orphaned children

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Christina Noble Children's Foundation

The Christina Noble Children's Foundation (CNCF) is dedicated to helping children in need with education, medical care, social opportunities and job placement.

Located in the country’s capital, the foundation conducts outreach work in and around Ulaan Bataar offering housing for poor and single parent families as well as medical care, shelter and schooling for street children.

In 1997 the foundation established a permanent centre here with the aim of creating a stable home for as many orphaned children as possible. Today the charity’s ‘Sunshine Ger Village’, boasts a number of residential gers (the traditional felt tent of the Mongolian people) and other facilities which serve as a stable home for 60 children and young adults ranging in age from 2 to 24 years old. Each residential ger is staffed by an adopted ger mother, often a single parent herself, who creates a loving home for all of the children within her care.

At school age the children are enrolled alongside their peers at the local district school: learning within the community and gaining vital qualifications for later adult life. Children below school age attend the Foundation’s kindergarten, constructed in 2002 on land adjacent to the ger village. The kindergarten also serves the wider community and provides invaluable pre-school education to children of local families.

Audley's contribution

As part of their outreach work in the capital CNCF also administer the ‘Give a Ger’ fund, an emergency fund established to provide families in danger of becoming homeless with a secure and comfortable place to live.

This has proved an essential lifeline for many in a country which is renowned for its particularly harsh winters where temperatures drop as low as -40C, conditions which often drive whole families beneath the city’s streets as they find refuge in central heating pipes and vents.

Delgerbat's story

In 2008 our department made a £500 donation to the charity which bought a ger for a nomadic family who had been living in what can only be described as a primitive hut in the heart of the city’s slum district.

In 2009 we decided to strengthen our support for the charity by committing our annual donation to sponsor a child through his secondary education. Delgerbat is an, ambitious 15 year old young man who we have been supporting through the Christina Nobel Children’s Foundation Child sponsorship programme.

We donate an annual amount to the foundation each year which goes towards ensuring that he is able to attend school and provides the funds for his family to purchase the supplies he needs. Delgerbat is from a single parent family and when we started to sponsor him, he, his mother and his older sister were surviving on less than $100 a month and were living in a run-down rented ger on the outskirts of Ulaan Bataar.

The sponsorship money has helped to ensure that he continued to attend school and as a result he has flourished, learning Chinese and Russian and taking pleasure in reading, becoming the class librarian. He has always had high hopes, when we first met him, through the foundation’s annual reports, he just wanted to be the boss, now he hopes to be an economist, an ambition which we wholeheartedly hope he realises.

If you would like further information please speak to your specialist or visit the Christina Noble Children's Foundation website.

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