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Olivia, New Zealand Specialist

From a young age I have lived overseas, moving from quiet Caribbean islands to busy metropolises. Having been privileged enough to experience a different culture and a different way of living, I made it my mission to embark on a great adventure to see what more I could discover. After finishing my degree I left to explore Asia. Three years later my adventure had taken me to every continent, lead me to live on a remote tropical island the size of Central Park and had provided me with some unforgettable wildlife encounters.

During my two stints in New Zealand I fell in love with the rolling landscapes and abundance of marine life along the shores. Having explored this country from coast to coast I can honestly say it is a land unspoilt. New Zealand is at the forefront of conservation, fiercely preserving indigenous flora and fauna and ensuring its beauty is saved for future visitors.

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I'll never forget when…

I’ve long been a lover of marine life and acknowledge you just never know what might emerge from the blue. Even so, I was surprised to see two jet-black dorsal fins protrude from the water while touring the Bay of Islands. Orcas are some of the smartest and most elusive of ocean mammals so it was an absolute blessing to witness a pod of two cruising the coastline having just completed a hunt. Whales are more commonly sighted in Kaikoura so it was a total shock and a lesson to always be prepared as you never what you could discover.

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Olivia on Franz Josef Glacier Olivia on Franz Josef Glacier