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Wild China on the BBC

This six-part series from the makers of 'Planet Earth' documents China and Tibet's wealth of natural scenery and wildlife on BBC 2.

Enjoying the river, Yangshuo.

Enjoying the river, Yangshuo.

The series was shown on Sunday 11th May on BBC 2 from 8.05-9.05pm.

From the makers of 'Planet Earth' comes this six-part series documenting China's incredible wealth of natural scenery and wildlife. Each programme covers different sections of the country, creating an astonishing snapshot of China's natural habitat, much of it unknown in the UK.

Anyone with an interest in landscape, wildlife and culture will be spoilt for choice, with everything from the world's highest mountain to its deepest gorge, from the Taklamakan Desert to the South China Sea covered in epic detail.

Click here to visit the BBC Wild China website

Audley covers most of China and Tibet, including all areas covered in this programme. Depending on where catches your eye, Audley regularly offers trips to the following locations:

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