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Highlands of Ecuador

When is the best time to visit Ecuador?

The best time to visit Ecuador depends on which area of the country you travel to. The weather variations are usually the result of regional differences and micro-climates, rather than clearly defined seasons. There is a drier season from June to September in the highlands, for example, but the ‘four seasons in a day’ phenomenon can happen at any time.

Ecuador’s cultural attractions and sightings of wildlife on the mainland can be enjoyed year-round, as can hiking or more gentle touring in the Avenue of the Volcanoes. Similarly, the Amazon and the cloud forests delight visitors whatever the season.

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Ecuador Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
The Amazon 29°C 195mm 30°C 204mm 29°C 245mm 29°C 337mm 29°C 323mm 28°C 362mm 28°C 285mm 29°C 178mm 30°C 253mm 30°C 312mm 30°C 304mm 30°C 233mm
Cuenca 21°C 64mm 21°C 78mm 20°C 103mm 20°C 115mm 20°C 72mm 19°C 36mm 19°C 25mm 19°C 27mm 20°C 44mm 21°C 84mm 21°C 64mm 21°C 70mm
The Galapagos Islands 28°C 75mm 29°C 73mm 30°C 67mm 30°C 61mm 28°C 22mm 26°C 22mm 24°C 26mm 24°C 20mm 24°C 25mm 24°C 20mm 25°C 20mm 26°C 27mm
Guayaquil 31°C 182mm 31°C 212mm 31°C 216mm 31°C 152mm 31°C 41mm 29°C 9mm 29°C 1mm 29°C 0mm 30°C 1mm 30°C 2mm 30°C 5mm 31°C 31mm
Otavalo 21°C 77mm 21°C 105mm 21°C 115mm 20°C 127mm 21°C 91mm 21°C 45mm 21°C 18mm 22°C 26mm 22°C 59mm 21°C 97mm 21°C 115mm 21°C 80mm
Quito 19°C 121mm 19°C 142mm 19°C 169mm 19°C 186mm 19°C 116mm 19°C 57mm 20°C 25mm 20°C 36mm 20°C 83mm 20°C 126mm 19°C 121mm 20°C 107mm

Month-by-month guide to travelling in Ecuador

El Cajas National Park, Ecuador

Visiting Ecuador in October - December

Towards the end of the year, as the South American national holidays approach and the waters around the Galapagos become calmer again, this is a popular time to visit Ecuador, so early booking is again advisable.

Events & Festivals

  • Day of the Dead/All Soul’s Day (2nd November): Families commemorate lost loved ones with flowers and visits to cemeteries, and consume purple coloada morada - a traditional drink made from black cornflower and fruits.
  • Independence Celebrations (9th October): If you happen to be in the coastal city of Guayaquil for the Independence Day, you can expect street parties, fireworks and an infectious lively atmosphere. Read more »
  • The Foundation of Quito Festival (6th December): Street parties and parades are seen on the capital’s cobbled streets. Read more »

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