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Tea plantation in India

When is the best time to visit India?

The best time to visit India is between October and March, when the weather is more likely to be warm, sunny, and dry.

During this time, the north offers clear blue skies. However, December and January are much cooler, with potential fog, while the higher Himalaya can be very cold, but with clearer mountain views. Increasing temperatures in April and May can result in excellent value trips, but you can expect high humidity and thunderstorms.

Ladakh, located in the far north, is most accessible between June and September, when the rest of the country experiences monsoon season.

The best time to visit India’s southern states is from November onwards, once the monsoon has ended.

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March is considered the best time of year to visit the wildlife parks of central India. However, if you can stand the increased heat in April the thinner vegetation and the lower waterholes provide an even better chance to view wildlife; especially the elusive tiger.

James, Indian Subcontinent Specialist

India Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Agra 22°C 14mm 26°C 10mm 32°C 10mm 38°C 4mm 42°C 13mm 41°C 51mm 35°C 207mm 33°C 272mm 33°C 127mm 33°C 30mm 29°C 4mm 24°C 5mm
Amritsar 19°C 27mm 23°C 28mm 27°C 38mm 34°C 19mm 39°C 17mm 40°C 53mm 36°C 207mm 34°C 182mm 35°C 94mm 32°C 14mm 27°C 6mm 21°C 15mm
Calcutta 27°C 14mm 29°C 22mm 34°C 29mm 36°C 51mm 35°C 125mm 33°C 299mm 32°C 375mm 32°C 338mm 32°C 303mm 32°C 141mm 29°C 26mm 26°C 8mm
Chennai 29°C 16mm 31°C 3mm 33°C 2mm 35°C 11mm 38°C 36mm 38°C 56mm 36°C 108mm 35°C 149mm 34°C 118mm 32°C 239mm 29°C 325mm 29°C 122mm
Cochin 32°C 20mm 32°C 34mm 33°C 50mm 33°C 141mm 32°C 387mm 29°C 727mm 29°C 706mm 29°C 375mm 29°C 305mm 30°C 306mm 31°C 165mm 32°C 49mm
Darjeeling 11°C 17mm 13°C 16mm 17°C 44mm 20°C 86mm 21°C 170mm 21°C 492mm 21°C 731mm 21°C 568mm 21°C 397mm 20°C 112mm 17°C 15mm 14°C 4mm
Delhi 21°C 15mm 24°C 9mm 30°C 12mm 36°C 4mm 40°C 11mm 40°C 38mm 35°C 200mm 34°C 233mm 34°C 108mm 33°C 25mm 29°C 3mm 23°C 5mm
Goa 32°C 0mm 32°C 0mm 33°C 0mm 34°C 12mm 34°C 79mm 31°C 792mm 30°C 959mm 29°C 536mm 30°C 261mm 32°C 133mm 32°C 32mm 32°C 11mm
Jaipur 23°C 9mm 25°C 8mm 31°C 7mm 37°C 3mm 40°C 14mm 39°C 50mm 34°C 196mm 32°C 211mm 34°C 84mm 34°C 11mm 29°C 3mm 24°C 5mm
Jodhpur 25°C 3mm 28°C 3mm 33°C 3mm 38°C 2mm 42°C 7mm 40°C 31mm 36°C 123mm 33°C 126mm 35°C 57mm 36°C 4mm 31°C 3mm 27°C 2mm
Ladakh -3°C 12mm -2°C 12mm 4°C 15mm 10°C 12mm 13°C 13mm 17°C 16mm 22°C 30mm 21°C 31mm 18°C 13mm 12°C 3mm 6°C 5mm 0°C 8mm
Mumbai (Bombay) 28°C 0mm 29°C 1mm 31°C 0mm 32°C 0mm 33°C 11mm 32°C 551mm 30°C 885mm 29°C 620mm 30°C 366mm 32°C 66mm 32°C 5mm 30°C 1mm
Shimla 10°C 69mm 12°C 65mm 16°C 73mm 21°C 44mm 25°C 59mm 26°C 150mm 22°C 394mm 21°C 314mm 21°C 168mm 19°C 44mm 16°C 13mm 12°C 30mm
Varanasi 24°C 22mm 27°C 9mm 34°C 11mm 39°C 3mm 42°C 9mm 39°C 86mm 33°C 281mm 32°C 281mm 33°C 192mm 33°C 36mm 29°C 7mm 25°C 5mm

Month-by-month guide to travelling in India

Taj Mahal, Agra

Visiting India in February

As fog and mist clears in the northern states, this is one of the best months to travel as nearly the whole country is warm and sunny. Hotels do get booked up well in advance, so it's important to plan ahead.

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