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Anna with the Jain Statues in Gwalior, India

Anna, Indian Subcontinent Specialist

After working in South America for eight months as part of her studies, Anna had been well and truly bitten by the travel bug. She loved going to places with totally different languages and cultures, and where could be more different than India, a melting pot of religions, languages and traditions.

With a battered old rucksack, she set off on a six month trip around the Indian Subcontinent: India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. From the white sand beaches of the Andaman Islands to the ancient temples of Madhya Pradesh, she fell in love with India's variety, as well as the incomparable hospitality of its people.

Since joining Audley, Anna has returned to the north of India, exploring rural areas of Rajasthan, almost untouched by tourism, and major cities such as Agra and Varanasi. When she's not travelling, Anna can usually be found exploring the great outdoors: hiking, running and boating.

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Audley Travel specialist Anna

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I'll never forget when…

One of my most memorable experiences has to be visiting the honey coloured town of Jaisalmer in the Thar Desert. We got up early to do a tour of the city, and we started off at the manmade Gardisar Lake. Even so early in the morning the lake was already a hive of activity. My guide handed me a bag of bread, and as we got down by the water I saw that the lake was a wriggling mass of grey. It was absolutely full of catfish! The locals consider catfish to be holy and take food for them every morning. Feeding vast numbers of catfish certainly wasn't what I'd expected to be doing in the middle of the desert.

Photos of Anna

Anna in the abandoned palace in Orchha Anna in the abandoned palace in Orchha
Anna on a bicycle tour around Udaipur Anna on a bicycle tour around Udaipur
Anna on a boat ride on the Ganges in Varanasi Anna on a boat ride on the Ganges in Varanasi
Anna at the Taj Mahal Anna at the Taj Mahal