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Red ruffed lemur, Madagascar

When is the best time to visit Madagascar?

The best time to visit Madagascar depends on what you want to do and see. The country is green and fresh after the rain that falls between January and March, with lemurs and reptiles active and easy to spot. While there are some heavy downpours from April to June, these are interspersed with sunshine, while July and August are cool and dry, making this an ideal time for exploring.

The whales arrive on Ile Ste Marie in July and remain until the end of September. Between September and November the weather is particularly lovely, remaining fine and warm. This is also when jacarandas are in flower and many lemurs have young. While December is hot, lemurs, reptiles and tenrecs are active, which makes for good wildlife viewing.

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September to October is the best time to travel to Madagascar as the weather is a little warmer and the lemurs are more active.

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Madagascar Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Amber Mountain National Park and Joffreville 27°C 313mm 27°C 278mm 27°C 225mm 26°C 99mm 26°C 25mm 25°C 22mm 23°C 30mm 24°C 23mm 25°C 15mm 26°C 24mm 27°C 70mm 27°C 222mm
Anakao 33°C 88mm 32°C 76mm 32°C 36mm 32°C 13mm 30°C 15mm 28°C 12mm 27°C 5mm 27°C 4mm 29°C 10mm 31°C 14mm 31°C 34mm 33°C 76mm
Fort Dauphin 29°C 222mm 30°C 187mm 29°C 215mm 28°C 111mm 27°C 119mm 25°C 116mm 24°C 114mm 24°C 109mm 25°C 67mm 27°C 74mm 28°C 110mm 29°C 172mm
Île Sainte-Marie 29°C 334mm 30°C 416mm 29°C 484mm 28°C 406mm 27°C 309mm 25°C 266mm 24°C 261mm 24°C 181mm 25°C 119mm 26°C 77mm 28°C 113mm 29°C 251mm
Mantadia National Park 27°C 325mm 27°C 333mm 27°C 268mm 26°C 108mm 24°C 72mm 22°C 90mm 20°C 90mm 20°C 78mm 22°C 58mm 25°C 52mm 27°C 129mm 27°C 263mm
Ranomafana National Park 27°C 375mm 27°C 295mm 26°C 284mm 25°C 97mm 24°C 60mm 22°C 63mm 20°C 57mm 21°C 51mm 23°C 45mm 26°C 43mm 27°C 148mm 27°C 271mm

Month-by-month guide to travelling in Madagascar

Masoala National Park, Madagascar

Visiting Madagascar in January - March

January to March is cyclone season, so we would advise against travelling to Madagascar during this time.

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