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Beach on Langkawi

When is the best time to visit Malaysia?

The best time to visit Malaysia depends on what area of the country you plan to see. The capital and west coast are hot all year round, making it an ideal place to visit for a city and/or beach break. Rain should be expected throughout the year, but these intermittent downpours shouldn’t impact on your enjoyment.

However, it’s worth noting that the west coast sees more rain than usual during September and October. At this time of year, you may prefer visiting an east coast destination instead.

Between March and October, the diving hotspot of Tioman, the white sand beaches of the Perhentians and the stunning mosques of Kuala Terengganu come to the fore.

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With such distinct east and west seasons, the cross-over period between April and June is a great time to enjoy everything that Malaysia has to offer.

David, Southeast Asia Specialist

Malaysia Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cameron Highlands 21°C 186mm 22°C 140mm 23°C 202mm 23°C 261mm 23°C 249mm 23°C 130mm 22°C 144mm 22°C 150mm 22°C 217mm 22°C 315mm 22°C 320mm 21°C 276mm
The East Coast 29°C 156mm 30°C 65mm 31°C 91mm 32°C 86mm 33°C 112mm 32°C 134mm 32°C 150mm 32°C 169mm 31°C 200mm 31°C 261mm 29°C 583mm 29°C 560mm
Kuala Lumpur 32°C 165mm 32°C 157mm 33°C 236mm 33°C 276mm 32°C 222mm 32°C 136mm 32°C 129mm 32°C 162mm 32°C 202mm 32°C 280mm 31°C 290mm 31°C 243mm
Langkawi 32°C 40mm 33°C 38mm 34°C 91mm 33°C 187mm 32°C 291mm 31°C 279mm 31°C 280mm 31°C 305mm 31°C 380mm 31°C 370mm 31°C 222mm 31°C 70mm
Malacca 31°C 101mm 33°C 97mm 33°C 154mm 32°C 195mm 32°C 167mm 32°C 165mm 31°C 181mm 31°C 181mm 31°C 206mm 32°C 234mm 31°C 235mm 31°C 156mm
Pangkor Islands 31°C 147mm 31°C 151mm 32°C 146mm 32°C 192mm 32°C 145mm 32°C 100mm 32°C 117mm 31°C 131mm 31°C 182mm 31°C 265mm 31°C 270mm 31°C 205mm
Penang 32°C 82mm 33°C 87mm 33°C 136mm 33°C 189mm 32°C 245mm 32°C 189mm 32°C 205mm 32°C 238mm 31°C 335mm 32°C 398mm 31°C 260mm 32°C 136mm
Perhentian Islands 28°C 222mm 29°C 102mm 30°C 117mm 32°C 83mm 32°C 113mm 32°C 132mm 31°C 123mm 31°C 183mm 31°C 208mm 30°C 290mm 29°C 580mm 28°C 614mm
Taman Negara National Park 29°C 175mm 30°C 100mm 31°C 136mm 31°C 194mm 31°C 224mm 31°C 168mm 31°C 166mm 31°C 184mm 31°C 248mm 30°C 273mm 31°C 277mm 29°C 306mm

Month-by-month guide to travelling in Malaysia

Spectacular sunset, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Visiting Malaysia in February

Another month to avoid the east coast. However, the rest of Malaysia presents perfect conditions for exploring. With low season promotional offers and lower visitor numbers at this time of year, this is a great time to visit.

Events & Festivals

  • Chinese New Year (date varies): The Chinese New Year is a national holiday in Malaysia, with festivities and celebrations held throughout the country, making it an exciting time to visit.
  • Federal Territory Day (1st February): A state holiday for Federal Territory in Malaysia celebrating the anniversary of the formation of the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory in 1974.

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