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Weekly winners

  • Falls gold: A traveller poses in front of Victoria Falls, on the Zimbabwe side of the Zambezi.

    A traveller poses in front of Victoria Falls, on the Zimbabwe side of the Zambezi.

    Taken by Emma Lomas

    Falls Gold

  • A girl and her dog play on the beach in St Ives, Cornwall.

    Jump around

    Taken by Stephen Smith

    A girl and her dog play on the beach in St Ives, Cornwall.

  • 'Snow birds' by Claire Waring

    Snow birds: Red-crowned cranes huddle on the icy Setsuri River, in Hokkaido, Japan.

    Taken by Claire Waring

    Known as Tancho in Japanese, the supremely elegant red-crowned crane is the bird of luck, happiness and long life. From an all-time-low in 1924, protection and feeding have enabled the Japanese population to recover to around 1,300. One of their safe winter roosting spots is in the ice-free Setsuri River on the northern island of Hokkaido. In order to be in place before sunrise, we left the hotel at 5.20am to drive the short distance to Otowa Bridge, a famous vantage point for viewing the cranes. In a temperature of -19°C, I found a spot and then waited for the sun to break through the atmospheric mist rising from the water. This shot is one of my favourites from the entire trip.

  • 'Seagulls follow the trawler' by Stephen Boffey

    Seagulls follow the trawler: Birds flock to a fishing boat leaving Petriti, Corfu.

    Taken by Stephen Boffey

    I was sailing in the Northern Ionian, and we had tied up overnight at the entrance to the harbour of Petriti, Corfu. I was woken by the sound of small fishing boats setting off from the harbour, accompanied by noisy gulls. Grabbing my camera, I went on deck and was rewarded with the sight of a misty, calm sea, lit by a golden sun just above the horizon. A fishing boat passed by, mobbed by a huge flock of gulls, and I was able to take several pictures as the boat and its entourage disappeared into the mist. I used a shutter speed of 1/160 to freeze most of the gulls’ movement, with f4.0 and ISO 125.

  • 'Floats your boat' by Chris Murphy

    Floats your boat: The pristine waters off Portals Vells, on Mallorca.

    Taken by Chris Murphy

    The photo was taken using a DJI Mavic Pro drone on a recent trip to Mallorca and was one of around 20 taken before I settled on this shot. The general area is Portals Vells and the shot was taken on a wonderful sunny day in mid January, just after lunch. The area is very popular with boaters in the summer, but generally deserted in the winter. The unusual sunny weather this January resulted in a few boats mooring in the bay. The water there is crystal clear and vibrant in colour.

  • 'Up the junction' by Reginald Senior

    Up the junction: The bright lights of central Dubai, with the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, in the background.

    Taken by Reginald Senior

    We were in Dubai while on our way to join a ship for a cruise around the Seychelles. Researching beforehand showed me that good pictures could be taken from the Burj Kalifa and other elevated positions. My shot was taken from a viewing platform at the Shangri-la Hotel, Level 42. I had no tripod with me so balanced the camera on the railings at an angle and used a remote to activate the shot. I must point out the camera was tied onto the railings so had it slipped off it would not have fallen 42 floors. The settings of the Nikon D500 camera were: Lens 10- 24, f3.5, 1/125, ISO2500, no flash.

  • 'Spotted you first' by Sam Williams

    Spotted You First: A young leopard stalks her prey in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

    Taken by Sam Williams

    We were on an evening game drive when our guide spotted leopard tracks. He started to anticipate where the leopard might have gone as the tracks became faint. There was a troop of baboons nearby, which prompted our guide to check a large patch of bushes to see if the leopard was hiding. Slowly skirting the edge of the bushes, we spotted her. She was staring out at the baboons, waiting for a safe opportunity to continue hunting for food. Watching our local guide use his in-depth knowledge to track her was completely astonishing. The photo was shot with a 200-500mm lens, fully zoomed in, using aperture priority at f/5.6, with a 1/40 second exposure time and ISO set to 400.

  • 'Chile Pinnacle' by Keith Tucker

    Chile Pinnacle: A guanaco near snow-capped mountains in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile.

    Taken by Keith Tucker

    I actually took the photograph whilst on a holiday to Argentina and Chile which Audley Travel put together for us.

  • 'Feathered Friends' by Lucinda Lawrence

    Feathered Friends: A tourist dances with revellers at the Mount Hagen festival, Papua New Guinea.

    Taken by Lucinda Lawrence

    The reason I love this photo is because it was a completely ‘random’ shot, just taken on an iPhone 10. I just love how the colours of the festival came through in it.

  • 'Cloud Nine' by Paul Baker

    Cloud nine: On top of the world in the Swiss ski resort of Crans-Montana, Switzerland

    Taken by Paul Baker

    Two or three times per season we get weather conditions like the one in my shot, where it’s cloudy in the town but sunny on top. I took this early in the day, so there were some nice shadows and there was still snow on the trees. I only had my iPhone 11 Pro with me, so I took about 10 shots using the different focal lengths the phone has, and a few different compositions to get the shot I wanted. Beyond that it wasn’t really a high-tech photographic production. I didn’t do any work on the photo after the shot - there was no-one else on the piste at the time.