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Coral reef in Thailand

When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Although the climate varies throughout the country you can visit all year round, but the best time to travel is during the cool and dry season between November and early April. In the south, the climate differs between the eastern and western coasts. The West Coast is more favourable during our winter months and diving and snorkelling here will be at its best during this period. The weather on the East Coast is good for most of the year, with the lowest rainfall in January and February and the highest in November.

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Thailand is another country with a distinct east versus west climate. The pick for us is either November, for the beautiful west coast beaches, or June, for beating the crowds and enjoying some of the country's cultural highlights with great weather.

Hannah, Southeast Asia Specialist

Thailand Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Ayutthaya 32°C 5mm 34°C 22mm 36°C 35mm 36°C 85mm 35°C 157mm 34°C 184mm 33°C 180mm 32°C 185mm 32°C 282mm 32°C 169mm 31°C 43mm 31°C 5mm
Bangkok 32°C 8mm 33°C 23mm 34°C 25mm 35°C 69mm 34°C 190mm 33°C 154mm 33°C 163mm 32°C 197mm 32°C 327mm 32°C 239mm 31°C 52mm 31°C 8mm
Chiang Mai 28°C 8mm 31°C 7mm 34°C 14mm 35°C 47mm 33°C 150mm 31°C 100mm 30°C 141mm 30°C 167mm 30°C 197mm 29°C 148mm 29°C 36mm 28°C 15mm
Khao Lak 31°C 36mm 33°C 38mm 33°C 76mm 33°C 183mm 32°C 383mm 31°C 460mm 30°C 469mm 30°C 446mm 30°C 563mm 30°C 361mm 30°C 171mm 30°C 58mm
Koh Samet 33°C 16mm 33°C 52mm 33°C 57mm 34°C 100mm 33°C 210mm 32°C 199mm 32°C 205mm 32°C 192mm 31°C 271mm 32°C 240mm 32°C 77mm 32°C 10mm
Koh Samui 29°C 189mm 31°C 52mm 33°C 67mm 34°C 62mm 33°C 136mm 33°C 84mm 32°C 128mm 32°C 109mm 32°C 119mm 31°C 272mm 29°C 467mm 29°C 252mm
Krabi 31°C 31mm 33°C 30mm 34°C 59mm 34°C 142mm 32°C 190mm 32°C 256mm 32°C 221mm 31°C 231mm 31°C 324mm 31°C 264mm 30°C 209mm 30°C 81mm
Phuket 31°C 40mm 32°C 28mm 33°C 63mm 33°C 143mm 32°C 322mm 31°C 292mm 31°C 292mm 31°C 272mm 30°C 381mm 30°C 335mm 30°C 186mm 31°C 65mm
Udon Thani 29°C 6mm 31°C 20mm 34°C 41mm 35°C 81mm 33°C 229mm 32°C 264mm 32°C 250mm 31°C 303mm 31°C 278mm 31°C 82mm 30°C 10mm 29°C 3mm

Month-by-month guide to travelling in Thailand

Golden Triangle, Thailand

Visiting Thailand in January

The weather is good all round in Thailand at this time of year. There is little chance of rain, cooler comfortable temperatures in the north and all the west coast beaches are most likely to be be bathed in sunshine.

Events & Festivals

  • Chinese New Year Festival (date varies): While this isn't a public holiday, it is celebrated across the country; particularly in Bangkok's Chinatown, which turns red and hosts exciting dragon parades, firecrackers and dancing in the streets.

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