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We're bringing the world to you

While we’re waiting to travel again, we’re allowing our minds to wander. The videos and articles below will take you on a series of journeys across the globe… designed to be enjoyed at home. We have options to fuel your wanderlust through film, literature, music and more; and share ways to explore the world’s art, history, wildlife, city sights and natural landscapes from afar, to keep you inspired.

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Videos from past travels

Our collection of video travel guides captures our specialists’ passion and first-hand knowledge for the countries they know intimately and return to regularly. Watch video introductions to some of our most popular destinations, hear our specialists advise on the best ways to experience some of the places they’ve fallen in love with over the years, and follow us on our travels.

Plan for your next journey

Give yourself something to look forward to by plotting out your future travel aspirations. Our country guides feature some of the world’s top experiences and destinations. Learn what to expect from someone who’s been there before, whether you want to tackle Indonesia’s Mount Kinabalu, or navigate a menu like a local in Japan. Find guides for a specific destination or browse our recommendations below.

  • Mixed sushi

    What to eat in Japan: sushi and beyond

    You might know your sushi, but it’s just the tip of a cuisine that’s garnered UNESCO heritage status. Our Japan specialists delve into some of the culinary experiences Japan has to offer, from kaiseki multi-course dinners to convenience-store specialties.

  • Carpet Shop in Marrakesh Souks

    Your guide to the souqs of Morocco

    The souqs of Morocco overflow with wares, including pierced lanterns, handtied rugs and brightly dyed leather goods. Discover what you can expect and how to haggle for a rug with our insider’s guide to these vibrant markets.

  • Machu Picchu

    Visit Machu Picchu: A first timer's guide

    Perched high on a mountain ridge and hidden from the world for hundreds of years, the ruins of Machu Picchu are the jewel in Peru's crown. One of our Peru specialists gives a personal account of how to get the most from your visit.

  • Fossa, Madagascar

    Madagascar’s wildlife: A quirk of evolution

    Madagascar’s forests shelter so many endemic wildlife species that visiting is like arriving on another planet. Following your guide through the trees, Indris cry overhead while chameleons lie perfectly camouflaged in the undergrowth. Africa specialist Andrew shares his wildlife experiences.

  • Mount Kinabalu

    Climb Mount Kinabalu

    Climbing Mount Kinabalu is an unforgettable adventure, one Audley can arrange with experienced guides. The reward of standing on Malaysia's highest peak, seeing dawn break from the summit, is well worth the aching muscles.

  • Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur

    Palaces and regal stays in India

    Private butlers, priceless chandeliers, and gilded furniture: life as an Indian royal was the epitome of opulence. With many royal residences now palatial hotels, you can taste life as a maharaja or maharani. We’ve chosen the best regal experiences from Rajasthan to Varanasi.

  • Northern lights in Iceland

    Seeing the northern lights in Iceland: a Q&A

    Located just south of the Arctic Circle, Iceland has one of the best positions for northern lights viewing in the world. We share our advice on how to witness the phenomenon, from joining guided tours to staying in well-located hotels.

Travel ideas by interest

Everyone deserves something to look forward to. Whether you have a particular passion for wildlife, art or experiencing the great outdoors, we’ve included trip ideas to match your interests to provide inspiration for your next journey.