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 Collecting water at Araveli

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Embrace local life at Araveli with 'Me to We'

Araveli Cottages & Tented Camp in rural Rajasthan offers a unique opportunity to soak up Indian culture and immerse yourself in local life as part of a ME to WE experience.

Embrace local life at Araveli with 'Me to We', India

Each day at Araveli starts with an optional early morning yoga session but after this your activities will depend on your interests and local projects underway at the time. At the start of your stay you will be encouraged to learn a little Hindi to help you communicate with local elders and interact with young children.

Rather than getting involved in building projects on a practical level, a stay here is centred around learning about local life by spending time with villagers finding out about their daily lives and the challenges they face in securing an education for their children, accessing clean water and health care, and developing alternative sources of income.

You'll be welcomed with a Poja, a traditional Hindu prayer ceremony to ensure success and prosperity, and you can spend time doing daily chores such as collecting water, making roti and chapatti, and feeding animals. These very practical tasks offer the chance to learn about the frugal nature of life here and how sustainability is seen as a communal responsibility, matters which often prompt vibrant discussions on social issues.

You can also visit local markets, take a guided nature walk in the foothills, try your hand at Mewari art, one of the most influential schools of miniature painting, learn some Bollywood dance moves, or if you wish, get involved in a more practical way in essential building projects. Groups travel to a number of villages in the local area, visiting schools and meeting elders, and we will endeavour to organise a visit to Verdara, a community of just over 1,000 people 'adopted' by Audley’s founder, Craig Burkinshaw, so that you can see first-hand the difference the project is making.

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