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Blaise, South Africa Specialist

Having grown up in West London, Blaise spent much of her childhood holidaying across Europe. At the age of 17 she ventured on her first solo long haul trip to Mexico where she got to travel all over the country. She fell in love with the culture, food and beaches and was blown away at just how vastly different a country could be.

After spending six months living in America and travelling in Africa she realised her true passion was in travel and she made the exciting move to Audley. She has since spent a great length of time travelling all over South Africa, falling in love with the Kruger in particular.

Blaise's highlights, aside from the food, have included zip lining over the Kango Caves, visiting the penguins at Simons Town and watching a family of Lion cubs playing.

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I'll never forget when…

Waking up on my first night in the Kruger is one that I will never forget. I was staying at Arathusa, a beautifully appointed rustic safari lodge. The Kruger and the distinctive sound of the bush are quite possibly the most naturally beautiful sounds I have ever heard. Also, having a hippo spend most of the night chomping on grass directly outside of my room made it all the more surreal.

Photos of Blaise

Blaise zip-lining at the Cango Caves, South Africa Blaise zip-lining at the Cango Caves, South Africa
Blaise visiting Franschhoek, South Africa Blaise visiting Franschhoek, South Africa