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Tom, Australia Specialist

My love of travel began at a young age when I was inspired by stories of my parents' intrepid trips to the Middle East and South America.

My passion for travel went hand in hand with my interest in languages and I spent a year in Berlin as part of my degree. After graduating, I worked in translation, which I soon came to understand was not for me so I jetted off to travel the world for six months. On my return the travel industry seemed like a natural fit and I spent five years with one of the UK’s largest travel companies enjoying trips all over the world. I then spent two years marketing the UK and Ireland to overseas travellers before joining Audley as an Australia specialist.

I have visited Australia several times but in a country so huge and diverse you could keep exploring for a lifetime and still be surprised by new experiences.

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I'll never forget when…

I visited Cape Du Couedic in Flinders Chase National Park and was vividly reminded of the power of nature and how small we are in comparison. The headland is on the western end of Kangaroo Island in South Australia and looking out at the rolling waves of the wild Southern Ocean was a humbling experience. It felt like the ends of the Earth. There's a lighthouse here but little else and the interpretive signs describe what life was like for the former lighthouse keepers and their families on this remote outpost. Standing there, knowing how far I had come to get there, put everything in perspective.

Photos of Tom

Tom on Kangaroo Island Tom on Kangaroo Island
Tom on the Sunshine Coast Tom on the Sunshine Coast
Tom in Sydney Tom in Sydney
Tom at Uluru (Ayres Rock) Tom at Uluru (Ayres Rock)