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Matera, Italy

George, Italy Specialist

George has been travelling to Italy since he was born, discovering regions such as Tuscany, Abruzzo and Puglia in particular depth as a result of his extensive family living in each of these areas. He has always felt a strong resonance with the country's culture as well as a fascination with its history.

In 2015, he embarked on a road trip through the Dolomites, inspiring a deep affection with Italy's natural scenery, which in turn led to several subsequent visits. Having already worked at Audley for several years in the Southeast Asia team, he was then given the opportunity to become an Italy specialist when the destination was launched in 2017. He has since returned for several research trips which have allowed for him to develop his expertise and passion for the country.

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I'll never forget when…

I will never forget when I first began to take an interest in the production of wine. I had always looked upon wine drinking as a purely recreational activity but on a recent visit to Tuscany with Audley, I recognised how implicit wine was not only within the economy of the region but to its culture. During a wine tasting at Castiglion Del Bosco, I began to understand the creativity and passion that goes into the production of wine here which is something locals take an immense pride in. We tried a selection of wines derived from the Sangiovese Grosso grape, most famously the Brunello Di Montalcino. I enjoyed the complex nature of the wines we tried but the intricacies within the production and passion of the people that worked to produce it made a more lasting impact, one that I still think about whenever I drink to this day.

Photos of George

George on the Capri coastline, Italy George on the Capri coastline, Italy
George in the Dolomites, Italy George in the Dolomites, Italy