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Layla, Hidden Beaches Specialist

Layla achieved an honours degree in Classics and a postgraduate Masters in Rhetoric, winning her an internship at the University of London working in the events and sales department. Her Classics degree provided her with the opportunity to work on board a cruise ship that focused on culture and antiquity as a Shore Excursion Leader. This gave her the chance to explore much of the world, leading passengers through three continents and over 40 countries.

After 14 months on board, she relocated to Australia for one year on a working visa and also spent over a month living like one of the locals in Bali with some Balinese friends. Wanting to settle down on home soil, but keen to use her travel industry and sales skills, she joined the Hidden Beaches team at Audley where she's able to share her travel knowledge with others and inspire them to travel. Since joining the team she has been lucky enough to travel to Thailand, Seychelles, Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Dubai and the Maldives.

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I'll never forget when…

The magical views that I was rewarded with at the peak of Mount Batur made the two hour nighttime hike worth every ache and pain. Nothing had prepared me for the stunning scene, enchanting colours and dreamlike atmosphere that was revealed as the moon set and the sun rose. I truly felt like I had been transported into a fairy tale world, which was enhanced further by spending the rest of the day lazing at the natural springs overlooking the mountain I had just climbed.