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Savina on Koh Samet, Thailand

Savina, Hidden Beaches Specialist

Before commencing a BSc in Psychology at Brunel University, Savina embarked on a colourful and adventure-filled trip to Australia which sparked her love for all things travel. This was followed by more trips around the world, and she has currently travelled to over 30 countries. Her first trip to Australia involved visiting Kakadu National Park, an incredible place with prehistoric scenery, which unearthed her love for beautiful landscapes.

Savina has considerable first-hand experience in many of the Hidden Beaches destinations, including the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Indonesia. On her first extensive Audley trip, she spent time getting to grips with the properties as well as the incredible ground staff Audley work with. Recounting her time in the Maldives: "I lost count of how many sharks I saw in the Maldives. The snorkelling is unrivalled and it feels amazing to be surrounded by nature."

As well as being a keen foodie, Savina also enjoys travel photography.

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Audley Travel specialist Savina

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I'll never forget when…

While staying in Kuching, I visited Semenggok Nature Reserve. Here the orangutans are rehabilitated so that they can survive in the wild independently. My first stop was a feeding platform about 100 m (238 ft) into the forest. After a while the rangers realised that the orangutans were approaching the feeding platform in the main area and we walked back through the forest with baited breath. Three orangutans were perched in various places in the trees above us. It was amazing to see them up close. I felt so privileged to see these special and gentle creatures. I also got to witness an example of their amazing strength as one picked up a coconut and cracked it on a tree. He then proceeded to quench his thirst with the cool coconut water inside. A truly magical and unique experience that I'll never forget.

Photos of Savina

Savina in Kuching, Borneo Savina in Kuching, Borneo
Savina on Conrad Beach, Maldives Savina on Conrad Beach, Maldives
Savina visiting Bako National Park, Borneo Savina visiting Bako National Park, Borneo
Savina in Chiang Mai, Thailand Savina in Chiang Mai, Thailand