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My love for travel began when I took a year off between school and university to spend six months backpacking around India and Southeast Asia. Still restless after my one trip, I spent a month each summer exploring India while studying philosophy at Newcastle University. I visited Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Rajasthan and Goa where my fascination and love for the subcontinent continued to grow.

Upon leaving university, I spent a brief period working at a renewable energy company in London, all the while saving for my biggest trip, an 8,000km (4,970 mile) cycle ride from Shanghai to Kathmandu. This trip took me through seven countries, however, I loved the wild and remote states of northeast India most of all. After spending a year working for a Nepali children’s charity in Kathmandu, I felt it was time to come home and wanting to combine my passion for travel with my work, I joined Audley.

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I'll never forget when…

Cycling through northeast India was incredibly rewarding but also very challenging. One evening, tired and hungry, I had begun to set my tent up for the night when a local man practically dragged me to his house where he proceeded to put on a feast of rice and daal for me while what seemed like half the state squeezed into his tiny home. Although the conversation was limited, it was a truly humbling experience that vividly characterised the generosity and kindness of the Indian people. For me, it was this welcoming spirit that made the country so special.

Photos of Rory

Rory at the Qutub Minar minaret, Delhi Rory at the Qutub Minar minaret, Delhi
Rory at the Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan state Rory at the Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan state