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Rosie, India and Sri Lanka Specialist

Rosie's passion for travel started at a young age during multiple trips through Europe and Africa with family and friends. After finishing school Rosie took a year out to explore new parts of the world independently, starting her trip in India where her passion for the country began. She then moved through Asia, enjoying meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Throughout university Rosie made time for further travelling. With the travelling bug firmly in place Rosie took another year out after graduating in Art History, and returned to India and Sri Lanka to explore new areas off the beaten track. Returning home, Rosie decided if she was going to work full time and not continue travelling, she could only work in travel; imparting her amazing experiences of India and the Subcontinent on to others. Since working at Audley Rosie has revisited India and Sri Lanka and continues to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, the amazing food and friendly people.

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Photos of Rosie

Rosie at Minneriya National Park Rosie at Minneriya National Park
Rosie on a rickshaw, Madurai Rosie on a rickshaw, Madurai
Rosie on a tea estate in Hatton, Sri Lanka Rosie on a tea estate in Hatton, Sri Lanka

Photos taken by Rosie

Local school teacher Local school teacher
 Collecting water at Araveli Collecting water at Araveli
Araveli village Araveli village
Local school children Local school children
Backwaters, Kerala Backwaters, Kerala

Rosie's Most Memorable Experience

One of my most memorable experiences during my travels in India was visiting the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai for the ‘Going to Bed’ Ceremony. As the Brahmin priests remove Shiva from his sanctum and parade him around the temple, drums are banged, incense is burned and pilgrims chant - an unforgettable taste of vibrant India.