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Tom, USA Specialist

After Tom's first trip to the USA in 2001, he fell in love with the country. Several visits later, Tom began a degree in International Management with the America Business Studies at The University of Manchester. This gave him the opportunity to study at The University of Minnesota, which he relished. 

After a year spent diving into frozen lakes, creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, enjoying trips to The Ballpark and exploring the country, Tom finished his degree and entered the world of finance. He could not stay away from the US and three separate trips later, he was ready to share his love and passion for the country, which lead him to Audley.

His first trip with Audley saw him travelling to the Rocky Mountains and the beautiful South West. Having left the 'big city' lifestyle behind, Tom enjoys exploring the countryside by foot and by bike, stopping to indulge his love of food at some of England's best country pubs. 

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Photos of Tom

Tom in Yellowstone National Park, the USA Tom in Yellowstone National Park, the USA
Tom snowshoeing in Grand Teton National Park, the USA Tom snowshoeing in Grand Teton National Park, the USA

I'll never forget when…

Without doubt, the most memorable experience I've had in the US is taking a helicopter trip from Las Vegas over the Grand Canyon, landing in the Canyon itself. The views of the canyon cannot be beaten as you descend below the rim and make your way towards the Colorado River at the bottom. Once out of the helicopter and gazing up towards the top, the true scale of the Canyon really hits home. On the journey back, the ride takes you over the glitzy Las Vegas strip; definitely best seen from the air. Throughout the trip, the pilot provided an informative narration and a fitting soundtrack. A truly once in a lifetime experience.