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Weekly winners

This week's winner, taken by Shaniqua Riley

Lagoon show: sunset seen from Burano island, Venice.

Taken by Shaniqua Riley

This week's winner, taken by Barry Pope

Sunrise in the Namib desert

Taken by Barry Pope

This was my favourite photo, early morning sunrise in this beautiful region of the Namib desert where the highest dunes in the world are found. We were the first to arrive at Doodvlei where the ghost dead trees are located in a white salt pan valley. The early morning light highlighted all the different coloured layers of the dunes as the sun rose. A wonderful peaceful experience which I shall never forget.

This week's winner, taken by Terry Glynn

Surfer, Camps Bay, South Africa.

Taken by Terry Glynn

Camps Bay is an idyllic stretch of sand near to Cape Town, however the water (the Atlantic) is icy. I watched this guy walk down to the shoreline leaving footprints behind in the sand before pausing, allowing me the opportunity to take this photograph. He then plunged into the waves. No surf board, he just swam out. I watched for a while before losing sight of him. Taken on my preferred travel kit, an Olympus Pen F coupled with the 12-100 Pro zoom. ƒ/8.0, 200mm (FF), 1/800 sec, iso 200.

This week's winner, taken by Claire Waring

Polar bears, Wrangel Island, Russia

Taken by Claire Waring

This mother polar bear and her two 18-month-old cubs were on the cliffs when we spotted them during a zodiac excursion. I think they were as curious about us as we were about them. The island is in a ‘strict nature reserve’ off the north-east coast of Siberia. It is believed to be the last place mammoths walked on earth and it is a significant breeding ground for polar bears, having the highest density of dens in the world. We were fortunate to see around 80 bears during the trip and these three were among my favourites. Taking photos from a small inflatable boat is not the easiest so I had to use a high ISO and fast shutter speed.

This week's winner, taken by Brian Hennessey

Rice paddies, northern Vietnam

Taken by Brian Hennessey

This rice terrace is in the mountains above Sapa. I hired a local guide who took me on the back of his motorcycle (very scary) to remote areas to photograph the rice harvest. I was surprised at how remote and difficult it was to access this part of the world. No roads, just paths cut into the side of the mountains or those made by wandering water buffalo. The constant haze was a problem trying to photograph over any distance and the weather very unpredictable. These are the settings I used: 1/500 F7.1 ISO 800.

This week's winner, taken by Matt Prestwich

Leopard and her young cub in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Taken by Matt Prestwich

My wife and I were on honeymoon when we saw this wonderful creature. She was so close to us and didn't seem to care at all about our presence. I was grateful to have my SLR already in my hand with my 400mm telephoto lens attached. Having disappeared behind the tree for a moment, she suddenly reappeared with a tiny cub in her mouth . After posing for a few photos, she disappeared into the grass again. I only wish we could see the cub's face but sadly I never had a shot. I was shooting on my Canon EOS 80D, using the Sports Scene setting. This prioritises fast shutter speed, ideal for when your subject is on the move.

This week's winner, taken by Alastair Swan

Sunrise over Vestrahorn in Iceland

Taken by Alastair Swan

On the south east coast of Iceland, the Vestrahorn peninsula must be one of the most stunning landscapes that planet Earth has to offer. A small charge is levied by the landowner to access the most photogenic locations but by Icelandic standards, its a paltry sum and the resulting views are well worth the investment. This pic certainly delivered an excellent return for me and I was highly delighted with the result!

This week's winner, taken by David Fuller

'Who asked for the bill?', Gloucester, UK

Taken by David Fuller

We were cruising the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal, a pastime that brings you very close to nature, especially being so near to the Slimbridge Wetland Centre. Hearing a squeak outside, I was met by these three cuties. The camera used was a Sony a6000, taken with the standard kit short zoom. The problem was one of distance. They kept coming in too close and trying to peck the lens. So I spoke to mother duck and with her help we arranged a family portrait. What makes the photo to my mind, other than the obedient ducklings, was getting the camera down to their level.

This week's winner, taken by Josh Taylor

End of the pier show, Brighton, UK

Taken by Josh Taylor

I would love to say that it was my amazing photography skills that made this picture so special but really, the timing was just pure luck! I crouched down to take a simple picture of the bird but due to my complete lack of elegance, I accidentally splashed it and scared it off. Luckily I clicked the shutter at just the right time and ended up with this! I really have to give the credit to the bird, without this little beauty it would be 'just another picture of Brighton pier'.

This week's winner, taken by Matthew Evans

Duo of lions, Tanzania

Taken by Matthew Evans

My wife and I were lucky enough to spot these two lions while on safari in December, for our honeymoon. They are a young male (foreground) and female (background) also on their 'honeymoon' (!), where they find a secluded spot and spend time away from the pride for a week or so. We were in an open (windowless) vehicle and our experienced guide was able to get very close without disturbing them, enabling us to observe their majestic harmony with one another and their surroundings. I was able to position myself at eye-level with them and at just the right angle to capture this image using my 400mm zoom lens.

This week's winner, taken by Alice Gwynne

Buzkashi match in Tajikistan

Taken by Alice Gwynne

The shot was taken at the beginning of a three month volunteering trip to Khujand in Tajikistan. This game of buzkashi is organised for Nawrus which took place around the time we arrived, so we were taken there by our hosts to see the game. It was quite an introduction to the culture! The games are immense, with hundreds of riders involved at the same time, and sometimes last for the whole day. It was incredibly fast paced so it was all about timing, if I was out by a second the shot was gone. I had to have a fast shutter speed and luckily the light was on my side so I managed to get some good, sharp pictures.

This week's winner, taken by Nilesh Rathod

Camel fair, Pushkar, Rajasthan

Taken by Nilesh Rathod

I primarily take pictures of wildlife but when an excellent opportunity arises, I do not shy away from taking cultural photographs. The way these guys who were dressed in a very traditional way, chilling out and enjoying the Chillam (traditional cigar) caught my attention because of the smoke and traditional attire. Camels in the background were also showing the essence of the fair. I was standing so I quickly bent down to take an eye level picture of these men with my Canon 5D III camera and 50 mm lens.

This week's winner, taken by Frank Dickens

Gadsisar Lake in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Taken by Frank Dickens

The photo was taken at the Gadsisar Lake in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, just by the wonderful sandstone entrance gate to the lake, The Tilon-Ki-Pol. The boys appeared to be playing for the pure enjoyment of it, as no money was requested. Perhaps it was because Diwali was in progress, but it certainly brightened up our day during our wonderful tour of the Golden Triangle and Rajasthan.

This week's winner, taken by Stuart Pearl

Bracelet blessing, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Taken by Stuart Pearl

The photo was taken in Angkor Wat temple where I sat for about 20 minutes people watching with my camera. Finally, I spotted this little ceremony, the bracelet blessing, which I took with my zoom lens extended to 200mm on my Nikon D7200 with an f stop of 5.6, the widest for my lens.

This week's winner, taken by Malcolm Wilkinson

Catch a wave: Lone seal at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Taken by Malcolm Wilkinson

The weather was glorious, the colours sharp and the air very clear. My wife spotted the lone seal and I managed to get this shot just at the right moment as the huge wave began to crest. I liked the slightly misleading perspective between the seal and the huge wave which suggests the wave might swallow the seal when in fact it was further away. I am not an experienced photographer and was using a Panasonic bridge camera with a good zoom with no special settings or effects, just a steady hand and a little patience!

This week's winner, taken by John Gaunt

Dead wood, Namib Desert

Taken by John Gaunt

The photograph was taken at Deadviei in the Namib Desert during a holiday when we travelled by road from Victoria Falls to Cape Town. There were many interesting sights on the way, so I got quite a lot of good shots. I took some time to get this particular picture, trying a variety of positions. I was using a Sony bridge camera, which has a very good zoom lens, is quick to use (no need to fiddle around changing lenses), and not too heavy or bulky to carry around on holiday.

This week's winner, taken by Deian Benjamin

Merchant of Venice, Italy

Taken by Deian Benjamin

The Acqua Alta Bookstore in Venice is famous for the way it sells its books to customers — books are sold from baths, barrels and boats, which float when the tide in the canals around Venice rises above the average water levels and enters the bookstore. I happened to be near the rear of the store taking photos of the books and their unique shelving methods, when I noticed a gondola was approaching. My trusty FujiFilm XT2 was ready with the fantastic 16 - 55mm lens. The XT2’s dials were easily changed to accommodate the difficult light conditions.

This week's winner, taken by Robert Corran

In Bruges, Belgium

Taken by Robert Corran

I knew that Bruges was very photogenic, especially at night and this was one of its attractions for me. The main reason the image is so sharp is because it is an extended exposure where the lens is held open manually for six seconds. To do this the camera has to be fixed on a tripod. Any good photograph is a mixture of skill, equipment and some luck. For two days we had cloudy skies but they cleared on this evening and the cold clear night also helps to make the photograph sharp and adds to the atmosphere of the shot.

This week's winner, taken by Cyrus John Malonzo

'Tunnel vision': Glacier, Vatnajokull, Iceland

Taken by Cyrus John Malonzo

I took the photo in Iceland during my ice cave tour, a famous itinerary during winter when these unique landscapes are formed and vary in sizes every year. It was my first time seeing such a wonder of nature so I was literally just trying to capture as many perspectives and angles as possible. I am using a Canon 5D Mark IV and a 24-70mm lens so I was able to capture the image sharply even in raw mode given its good low-light capability. Specific settings are f3.2, 1/80, ISO 640.

This week's winner, taken by Simon Hayes

'Lunch to go': Leopard attack in the Masai Mara, Kenya

Taken by Simon Hayes

As a vet I have a fascination with cats in particular both big and small. I have been to Africa before but have left disappointed at no leopard sightings. My friend Tony Denton is a professional photographer and invited me to join him in the Mara. We met this magnificent leopard on our first day. She had two 7-8 month old cubs so we knew she had to feed regularly. In the day of the photo we found her hidden in a bush by a river and we waited and watched for three hours as the Thompson gazelle got closer. Eventually she ambushed. It was over in a moment of power and violence. When it was over I was literally shaking. It was taken on a canon 7d mk 2 with a 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 usm lens 1/250 Sec: f/6.3: iso 100.

This week's winner, taken by Steve Noblett

High church: The ceiling of Malaga Cathedral

Taken by Steve Noblett

We decided to go into the cathedral to primarily take the tour of the roof. As with most churches the light was quite dim and as they don't like tripods and flash it took some time to get the exposure settings satisfactory. I decided to take three bracketed photos to give three different exposures. I then picked a spot centrally under the ceiling and began taking a set of panoramic shots from the altar back over my head and finished at the base of the choir stalls, trying to keep as straight a central line as possible.

This week's winner, taken by Natalie Chalk

'Top of the lake': Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

Taken by Natalie Chalk

This is my favourite shot taken while hiking the Rila Lakes in Bulgaria. I took it once we had reached the peak and could look down on all seven glacial lakes. It’d been a great walk to the top and I’d been taking photos the whole time. The landscape was stunning and the lakes pristine. The contrast of the green and blue was striking. It was very hard not to take a great picture. This one was taken just before noon while I was lying down. It’s a shot of the diamond-shaped lake seen through the long grass and the mountains stretching into the distance. I recommend to anyone on a trip to Sofia to visit the lakes. I had my DSLR with me but this is from my iPhone 7Plus.

This week's winner, taken by Carolyn Lion

'Mane attraction': The horse festival in Mahon, Menorca.

Taken by Carolyn Lion

My husband and I spent a few nights in Mahon for the fiesta, La Mare de Déu de Gràcia. The atmosphere in the town was amazing and the streets were crowded, with singing locals eagerly anticipating the main parade. There were some amazingly loud firecrackers, a parade of giants and then the beautiful black horses of Menorca came past. The mayor was on the steps above us and as each horse came into the square, the riders made them rear up in front of him. I was just snapping away on my iPhone 5 and got lucky with this shot!

This week's winner, taken by Nigel Bostock

'Tall order': A clipper ship off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia

Taken by Nigel Bostock

We were on a week-long cruise on Star Clipper from Bali to Komodo Island and back. To enable those who wanted to get photographs of the ship under sail we were taken out in the tenders which circled the ship whilst the sails were raised. On this particular afternoon there was a problem with one of the sails so it took longer than expected to get them all up but the result was that we were still out on the water as the sun began to set. I took a series of photographs as the sun dropped down behind the ship and liked this one best. It was taken on an iPhone 8 with no special effects.

This week's winner, taken by Simon Fotherby

'Top of the crops': Corn harvest, Northern Pakistan

Taken by Simon Fotherby

As part of a month long trip to northern Pakistan I visited a part of the country near the Afghan border where the small Kalash community still live. The Kalash woman still wear their colourful traditional costumes every day and on a strenuous hike up a mountain to their summer pastures I came across this family that were busy harvesting the corn crop in readiness for winter. The main technical issue was to use a small aperture setting on the lens to make sure that both woman were in focus and to frame the shot. Northern Pakistan is full of wonderful photo opportunities with soaring mountains, majestic glaciers and shimmering lakes.

This week's winner, taken by Angus Laing

'Eyes front': Impala in Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

Taken by Angus Laing

The photo was taken during our trip to Zambia with Audley last year. I captured the image on an early-evening canoe safari on the Chongwe River (a tributary of the Zambesi) whilst my wife and I were staying at Chongwe River Camp. Impala were very common, but there was an element of luck involved in finding them striking a pose on the hillside in such lovely evening light. The main challenge was trying to get a sharp, hand-held shot using such a long lens without any kind of support in a tiny, two-person canoe. The photo was taken on my Nikon D750 with a 300mm f/4 lens fitted with a Nikon 1.4 tele-converter. Shutter speed 1/2,000s; aperture f/5.6, and ISO 560.

This week's winner, taken by Naf Selmani

'Circle Lines': Hive art installation at Kew Gardens, London

Taken by Naf Selmani

I visited the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew to see an art installation called the Hive. It took me a while to get what I wanted as I often visualise images in my mind before I take them. I wanted to get a star-shaped sunburst as well as have some interesting human presence. Visitors often go up the Hive and play on the glass floor, which is fun watching from below. I used a wide angle lens to get as much of the structure in the frame as possible and a flash to reveal more details from the shadows.

This week's winner, taken by Jonathan Hayward

Woman with a cigar in Havana, Cuba

Taken by Jonathan Hayward

I do a lot of street photography at home and when I’m travelling. It was an opportune moment. I usually shoot in aperture priority mode so as to be ready for such moments. I use a Fuji XT 1 which has all the settings to hand, without having to dig through menus, so changing a setting is easy. I use prime lenses only which always delivers razor sharp shots.

This week's winner, taken by Nick Board

Street dance, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Taken by Nick Board

The photo was taken in Caminito, a colourful enclave of La Boca, a heady dance in a heady place, where the Tango is almost a religion.

This week's winner, taken by Christine Nicklin

Warbler, Fernandina Island, Galapagos Islands

Taken by Christine Nicklin

I was walking along the black lava, admiring the countless marine iguanas sprawled on the rocks, when a tiny yellow warbler appeared. The vivid yellow colour of the bird was such a contrast to the bleak landscape of this geologically young island where few species have adapted to survive. It was a magical moment on our last full day cruising in the Galapagos on the Legend. I took the photo with a Nikon D3400 and a Nikkor 70-300mm zoom lens, 1/250 sec.

This week's winner, taken by Christopher Lee

The 'Devil’s Bridge' in Gablenz, Germany

Taken by Christopher Lee

The photograph involved a long drive from Berlin to about 40 miles from Dresden towards the Polish border. I arrived late at night and had nowhere to stay and so slept in the car. As a result, I was up very early and having found my way to the bridge, spent the whole day looking at the changing light and waiting for the water to still. I had not done much landscape photography previously, but had just been on a workshop in the Lake District where we had covered composition, aperture settings and getting the best focus. All seems to have paid off in this shot of a magical place.

This week's winner, taken by Martyn Wellman

'Lounging on deck'

Taken by Martyn Wellman

This was taken on Queen Mary 2, one day before arriving at New York (from Southampton). A lovely calm day at sea, perfect for sunbathing. The bright light was useful to get a fast shutter speed, as I was leaning over a rail on an upper deck, balancing against the ship's vibrations and some wind. I'd been scouting around the ship looking for interesting subjects, and I felt this was an unusual viewpoint but also summed up the range of passengers you might see on the Queen Mary.

This week's winner, taken by Roger Green

Easter Island’s Moai statues at Tongariki.

Taken by Roger Green

Tongariki is the most visited site on Easter Island. It's most often pictured in late afternoon or sunset but on this particular morning in May 2018 we were among the day’s first handful of visitors. We had this marvellous site almost to ourselves and so my wife, Sue, was able to take the time for some quiet contemplation. The picture was taken on a Panasonic Lumix TZ100, a compact camera with a relatively large one-inch sensor and a high-quality zoom lens. For me, its key feature is that it has a viewfinder, so it's possible to compose pictures however bright the light.

This week's winner, taken by Nigel Grieves

'Gull's eye view' Vietnam

Taken by Nigel Grieves

I was having a walk through the market streets of Hoi An, with my camera in hand, when I saw a market seller sitting down wearing the iconic conical Vietnamese hat and I thought if I could get behind her from above and try capture a natural scene it had the potential to be a really good photograph. I knew I had to be quick with the camera settings already dialled in and with my fixed 23mm lens all I had to do was focus. Then with my best Yorkshire accent I said hello (xin chao) in Vietnamese and she looked up smiling and then quickly I pressed the shutter button and the photograph was taken. I then showed the market seller the photograph and she called her friend over and they were both happy and laughing. I said thank you and waved goodbye. I will always remember my holiday when I see this photograph which has become a firm favourite of mine.

This week's winner, taken by Sasha Andrews

'Best feet forward': Kasjuni Beach, Croatia

Taken by Sasha Andrews

I was using my little Nikon Coolpix waterproof compact camera, so the settings were all automatic. I've used it a lot in the sea off St Leonards, so I practised positioning myself steady (I have a burgeoning collection of feet peeping out of water pics). Really it's more swim / water skills than camera techniques involved :) I do shake the lens clear of drops but otherwise a deep breath and steady hands does it. It was my first morning in Croatia. I was up early to test the water temperature (a bath compared to the Channel), and saw the cartoon like palm trees on the horizon. It’s my favourite image because for me it captures the freshness of a morning dip.

This week's winner, taken by Chris Mouyiaris

'Meals on wheels': Fruit seller in Cartagena, Colombia

Taken by Chris Mouyiaris

Cartagena is a colonial town with many beautiful coloured buildings. I woke up early the next day when I knew people would be going to work. I specifically wanted some local flavour to my picture and waited. When I saw this fruit seller and his cart I knew I had a colonial building and local interest and this combination made it one of my favourite pictures.

This week's winner, taken by Louise Waldron

'Land of the long dark cloud': Mount John Observatory, New Zealand

Taken by Louise Waldron

Although famous for its stargazing, the daytime views from the top of Mount John (Tekapo, South Island) are breathtaking. Unusual cloud formations are not rare here, indeed the Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, meaning Land of the Long White Cloud. It was a bright sunny autumn afternoon initially but these clouds seemed to appear quickly and were so dramatic, other-worldly even. (Taken on my faithful old Nikon D200, no special settings or prior thought, just the scene that presented itself at that moment in time).

This week's winner, taken by Quentin Tucker

Buddhist nuns, Maha Aungmye Bonzan monastery, Myanmar.

Taken by Quentin Tucker

I took the photo with a Canon 80 EOS D equipped with an EF-S 15-85mm USM lens, the camera was set to auto. It was taken at the Maha Aung Mye Bonzan Monastery near Mandalay (Burma). The nun’s depicted are from Nepal and were happily posing for tourists, however these photos are generally quite formal. I realised they were going to take a selfie and caught the moment that was for themselves, there is a humanity and joy in the photo that I was lucky to capture.

This week's winner, taken by Nicholas Posner

Surf city, Munich

Taken by Nicholas Posner

My wife, Ewa, and I were visiting friends in Munich. Ewa had read that surfers used a natural river in the English Garden for practice, so we went along to see if this could really be true. When I first saw this scene I immediately realised it was a great photo opportunity, particularly with the strong silhouettes of the figures in the foreground. The most difficult thing was the exposure, keeping detail in the brightly lit white water as well as the figures in black standing in the shade. I was using a Canon G1X compact camera and trusted the automatic setting to find a fast enough shutter speed (just enough at 1/320 sec) and set -0.7 exposure compensation to keep detail in the water.

This week's winner, taken by Steve Bradshaw

Boiling mud pool in Gobustan, Azerbaijan.

Taken by Steve Bradshaw

The shot was taken on an overland trip on the Silk Route, a real adventure. Finding these mud volcanoes was not easy being in the middle of nowhere in the desert. The fact that there was not the slightest sign of civilisation added to the mystique of the site. Apart from our group of eight there was not another human being in sight. Once I found my favourite vent I was inspired by the shapes of the gas bubbles emerging and knew I had to capture a moment that was happening in front of my eyes but too fast for me to actually see. By setting a very fast shutter speed I managed in several attempts to freeze the invisible to become visible. I now see an almost alien creature being born into the world. I was so pleased when I first saw the image on my computer screen later and fully appreciated the detail of the shot.

This week's winner, taken by Robert Bacon

Three's a crowd

Taken by Robert Bacon

This was our first full day on our Galapagos trip and we were up at dawn and out to Tintoreas Point as the sun rose. We were delighted to see a large colony of marine iguanas scattered around and in this one area it seemed like it was the creche. They were dark indicating that they had not long ago been in the water and thus were cool and on the rocks to soak up the morning sun to regain their 'mojo.' As they were cool they were, happily for a photographer, very still, just occasionally snorting out salt from their nostrils which made us jump a little. This photo was taken with a Canon 450D at f 5.6 1/50s ISO 800 at 85mm focal length.

This week's winner, taken by Sue Batten


Taken by Sue Batten

The photograph was taken at the lowering of the flags ceremony at the Wagah border between India and Pakistan. The Indian crowds bring fantastic patriotic energy to the event. I took quite a few pictures of the crowd but once I spotted these two men in colourful turbans, I was fascinated by them — they really stood out from the crowd. I also loved the detail in the crowd with people taking selfies and cheering-on the border guards with all their colourful clothes, hats and flags.

This week's winner, taken by Harry Pardoe

Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Taken by Harry Pardoe

The photo was definitely opportune! I was on a six month trip around the world with my fiancée Rachel and we found ourselves at these cave temples just before sunset. There were lots of monkeys running around. The local school girls wore these pristine white dresses and I'd been hoping to get a shot which contrasted the scruffy monkeys and the clean white uniforms. I was using a nice big aperture to pick out individual monkey faces as they sat along the wall. It's certainly one of my favourites from our travels. Most importantly it reminds me of one of the most special places we discovered on our trip.

This week's winner, taken by Charlotte Banks

Nine Arch Bridge, near Ella, Sri Lanka

Taken by Charlotte Banks

The photograph was taken perched up in the forest in a secluded spot. Only a certain amount of trains pass along this track each day so timing was key! Believe it or not the photo was taken on an iPhone7, but it really did capture the beauty and stunning scenery. About five minutes before the photo was taken hundreds of white butterflies flew out of the forest and across the valley; it was a pretty magical moment. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited and it was a privilege to be able to capture this photograph.

This week's winner, taken by Christian Lowery

Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Bali

Taken by Christian Lowery

This photo was taken at Tukad Cepung waterfall, I was trying to get away from the other visitors to enjoy the jungle alone. I flew my drone up above the forest canopy and it made a really cool frame for the photo. I just lay there, taking in all the beauty, relaxing in the river flowing from the waterfall. It was truly a spectacular place and a lovely afternoon in Bali.

This week's winner, taken by Mark Holford

'Sand rover': driving through the dunes of the Skeleton Coast, Namibia.

Taken by Mark Holford

Bertus Schoeman, our pilot, driver and guide, left me standing looking over a sand 'valley'. There was a 40 knot wind and he then descended the dune opposite at 30+ degrees. Namibia is about the amazing geology as much as the animals, and this is one of my favourite photos. It was about 4.30pm in the afternoon and everything was perfect: the light, the shadows, the curves of the dune, the angle and position of the Land Rover.

This week's winner, taken by Peter Hartnell

Pots for sale in Yandabo, Burma (Myanmar)

Taken by Peter Hartnell

I like to find opportune moments rather than taking very planned shots. We were being shown around the potters' village of Yandabo by a local guide (in the foreground) and came across this field of completed pots. It was late afternoon and the light was wonderful. I use a mirrorless SLR camera (Sony Nex) hugely enhanced by the addition of a wonderful Zeiss/Sony lens. Burma is an amazing and colourful place with fantastic scenery and friendly people, who are really resilient in the face of many years of a very oppressive regime.

This week's winner, taken by Elizabeth Kelleher

'Block colour': Choi Hung ('Rainbow') housing estate in Hong Kong

Taken by Elizabeth Kelleher

Searching for ‘the best photography spots in Hong Kong’, this housing estate came up time and again, and I decided I had to visit it for myself. Unfortunately, once there I realised just how many other people had had the same idea! There’s a brightly coloured basketball court in front of the apartments, and with a lot of patience, I did eventually manage to get a shot of it without anyone in the way. But in the end it was this image, with the coloured blocks completely filling the frame, that was my favourite of the day.

This week's winner, taken by Lucy Sara-Kelly

A windy day on the pier, Napier, New Zealand

Taken by Lucy Sara-Kelly

It was opportune in the sense that we had just arrived in Napier - after driving half way there from Taupo, then having to turn back because the road was closed due to storms. We felt like exploring, but we didn't know where to go and just came across the beautiful Art Deco pier. My friend had recently bought this yellow workman coat in a store because it was cheap, so I asked her to walk towards the end of the pier and just captured this shot. It is one of my favourites from the trip just because that evening was so surreal with the stormy clouds and black sand and white pier and yellow coat - the image was striking in itself.

This week's winner, taken by Gordon Bell

Gondoliers on the Grand Canal in Venice

Taken by Gordon Bell

It was around 11am when I saw the colourful background buildings, clear green water and a blue sky which were all good elements for a shot but lacked the human perspective. I waited for a Gondola, and fortunately two came along so I waited until there was a good leading line with the gondolas moving away from me to capture the shot. I knew when I took the shot that if the image was sharp it would be a good. It was taken with a Sony A7II with a 16-35 lens set at 250sec at f10, the lens was set at its widest focal length, 16mm.

This week's winner, taken by Julia Underwood

Timkat in Wajele, Ethiopian Northern Highlands

Taken by Julia Underwood

We were travelling in the Ethiopian Northern Highlands during the Timkat time, hiking on a high plateau around 9,000 feet. We spent the day of the festival as guests of a small village, Wajele. You won’t find it on a map! We were made so very welcome and encouraged to join in with all the Timkat proceedings. My camera was busy all day. This little boy had important duties as part of the main procession and was immensely proud of that. His face was a picture, at times serious, concentrating, proud and at this moment, total delight. Of course, his delight produced the photo with greatest engagement.

This week's winner, taken by Todor Tilev

'Mirror image': Connemara, Ireland

Taken by Todor Tilev

I visited Connemara with my family. On the way back we visited Derryclare Lough, a popular spot for photographers. The reflections were perfect. I decided to use a tripod and use a longer exposure of 28 seconds. Usually the reflections don’t last, but they were still there for over an hour. Because I was using the tripod I used a manual focus. Behind Derryclare Lough is the Twelve Bens mountain range and on the island of the lake there are pine trees, the only place in Ireland I have seen pine trees.

This week's winner, taken by Richard Sharrocks

'Smoke rings': The UAE airforce's display team in action over Abu Dhabi

Taken by Richard Sharrocks

I took the photograph on the Abu Dhabi Corniche on the second day of the Red Bull Air Races being held in Abu Dhabi. I had tried to take some shots the previous day in a different location but they lacked the oomph that I wanted from my images. On the second day of the competition I moved to a newly recced location where I could better capture the action of the competitors whilst also capturing the Abu Dhabi skyline. I coincided my chosen shooting time with the display of the Al Fursan aerobatic display team of the United Arab Emirates Air Force. The winning shot for me was of their finale signature-piece manoeuvre with two aircraft performing a helix around their colleagues. The smoke colours used by the aircraft is to represent the colours of the UAE flag — black, green, white and red.