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Weekly winners

This week's winner, taken by Harry Pardoe

Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Taken by Harry Pardoe

Street scene, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

This week's winner, taken by Charlotte Banks

Nine Arch Bridge, near Ella, Sri Lanka

Taken by Charlotte Banks

The photograph was taken perched up in the forest in a secluded spot. Only a certain amount of trains pass along this track each day so timing was key! Believe it or not the photo was taken on an iPhone7, but it really did capture the beauty and stunning scenery. About five minutes before the photo was taken hundreds of white butterflies flew out of the forest and across the valley; it was a pretty magical moment. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited and it was a privilege to be able to capture this photograph.

This week's winner, taken by Christian Lowery

Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Bali

Taken by Christian Lowery

This photo was taken at Tukad Cepung waterfall, I was trying to get away from the other visitors to enjoy the jungle alone. I flew my drone up above the forest canopy and it made a really cool frame for the photo. I just lay there, taking in all the beauty, relaxing in the river flowing from the waterfall. It was truly a spectacular place and a lovely afternoon in Bali.

This week's winner, taken by Mark Holford

'Sand rover': driving through the dunes of the Skeleton Coast, Namibia.

Taken by Mark Holford

Bertus Schoeman, our pilot, driver and guide, left me standing looking over a sand 'valley'. There was a 40 knot wind and he then descended the dune opposite at 30+ degrees. Namibia is about the amazing geology as much as the animals, and this is one of my favourite photos. It was about 4.30pm in the afternoon and everything was perfect: the light, the shadows, the curves of the dune, the angle and position of the Land Rover.

This week's winner, taken by Peter Hartnell

Pots for sale in Yandabo, Burma (Myanmar)

Taken by Peter Hartnell

I like to find opportune moments rather than taking very planned shots. We were being shown around the potters' village of Yandabo by a local guide (in the foreground) and came across this field of completed pots. It was late afternoon and the light was wonderful. I use a mirrorless SLR camera (Sony Nex) hugely enhanced by the addition of a wonderful Zeiss/Sony lens. Burma is an amazing and colourful place with fantastic scenery and friendly people, who are really resilient in the face of many years of a very oppressive regime.

This week's winner, taken by Elizabeth Kelleher

'Block colour': Choi Hung ('Rainbow') housing estate in Hong Kong

Taken by Elizabeth Kelleher

Searching for ‘the best photography spots in Hong Kong’, this housing estate came up time and again, and I decided I had to visit it for myself. Unfortunately, once there I realised just how many other people had had the same idea! There’s a brightly coloured basketball court in front of the apartments, and with a lot of patience, I did eventually manage to get a shot of it without anyone in the way. But in the end it was this image, with the coloured blocks completely filling the frame, that was my favourite of the day.

This week's winner, taken by Lucy Sara-Kelly

A windy day on the pier, Napier, New Zealand

Taken by Lucy Sara-Kelly

It was opportune in the sense that we had just arrived in Napier - after driving half way there from Taupo, then having to turn back because the road was closed due to storms. We felt like exploring, but we didn't know where to go and just came across the beautiful Art Deco pier. My friend had recently bought this yellow workman coat in a store because it was cheap, so I asked her to walk towards the end of the pier and just captured this shot. It is one of my favourites from the trip just because that evening was so surreal with the stormy clouds and black sand and white pier and yellow coat - the image was striking in itself.

This week's winner, taken by Gordon Bell

Gondoliers on the Grand Canal in Venice

Taken by Gordon Bell

It was around 11am when I saw the colourful background buildings, clear green water and a blue sky which were all good elements for a shot but lacked the human perspective. I waited for a Gondola, and fortunately two came along so I waited until there was a good leading line with the gondolas moving away from me to capture the shot. I knew when I took the shot that if the image was sharp it would be a good. It was taken with a Sony A7II with a 16-35 lens set at 250sec at f10, the lens was set at its widest focal length, 16mm.

This week's winner, taken by Julia Underwood

Timkat in Wajele, Ethiopian Northern Highlands

Taken by Julia Underwood

We were travelling in the Ethiopian Northern Highlands during the Timkat time, hiking on a high plateau around 9,000 feet. We spent the day of the festival as guests of a small village, Wajele. You won’t find it on a map! We were made so very welcome and encouraged to join in with all the Timkat proceedings. My camera was busy all day. This little boy had important duties as part of the main procession and was immensely proud of that. His face was a picture, at times serious, concentrating, proud and at this moment, total delight. Of course, his delight produced the photo with greatest engagement.

This week's winner, taken by Todor Tilev

'Mirror image': Connemara, Ireland

Taken by Todor Tilev

I visited Connemara with my family. On the way back we visited Derryclare Lough, a popular spot for photographers. The reflections were perfect. I decided to use a tripod and use a longer exposure of 28 seconds. Usually the reflections don’t last, but they were still there for over an hour. Because I was using the tripod I used a manual focus. Behind Derryclare Lough is the Twelve Bens mountain range and on the island of the lake there are pine trees, the only place in Ireland I have seen pine trees.

This week's winner, taken by Richard Sharrocks

'Smoke rings': The UAE airforce's display team in action over Abu Dhabi

Taken by Richard Sharrocks

I took the photograph on the Abu Dhabi Corniche on the second day of the Red Bull Air Races being held in Abu Dhabi. I had tried to take some shots the previous day in a different location but they lacked the oomph that I wanted from my images. On the second day of the competition I moved to a newly recced location where I could better capture the action of the competitors whilst also capturing the Abu Dhabi skyline. I coincided my chosen shooting time with the display of the Al Fursan aerobatic display team of the United Arab Emirates Air Force. The winning shot for me was of their finale signature-piece manoeuvre with two aircraft performing a helix around their colleagues. The smoke colours used by the aircraft is to represent the colours of the UAE flag — black, green, white and red.