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Weekly winners

This week's winner, taken by Naomi Roberts

Lamayuru Monastery, Ladakh, India

Taken by Naomi Roberts

Monk at Lamayuru Monastery in Ladakh, India

This week's winner, taken by Nicola Dash

'Holiday flick'

Taken by Nicola Dash

The photo was taken whilst my daughter Grace (14) her sister and I were playing around, We had been in the water for about an hour on the North Naples coast, Vanderbilt Beach, waiting for the sun to go down. It was such a beautiful evening and I just said lets see if we can get a picture of you flicking your hair. It was shot on my iPhone 7 using photo burst; no filter or enhancement at all. It was actually the first shot and we were totally shocked at how well it came out.

This week's winner, taken by Philip Simnett

Red-eye flight

Taken by Philip Simnett

We were in a safari vehicle in Yala National Park and the driver stopped, and turned off his engine, to let an 'iguana' cross the track. This little bird was sitting on a branch in a nearby tree - so it was definitely an opportunistic shot. It was quite early in the morning so I already had the ISO setting turned up in order to get a reasonably fast shutter speed to capture anything we saw.

This week's winner, taken by Roy Morris

Horsewoman, birdcage and church ruins in Trinidad De Cuba

Taken by Roy Morris

I was trying to capture a picture of the man carrying the birdcage against the backdrop of the ruined church, whilst trying the include the lady I assumed to be his wife, sewing on the grass. Just as he stopped talking to his wife and started walking over to the tree to hang the birdcage there, the girl on horseback appeared and started riding down the hill.

This week's winner, taken by Tony Cowburn

Dawn Patrol

Taken by Tony Cowburn

Three cyclists race towards the rising sun over the Elizabeth Quay Bridge in Perth, Western Australia.