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Weekly winners

This week's winner, taken by Steve Bradshaw

Archers omnibus: Bows at the ready for a competition at the Naadam Festival, Mongolia

Taken by Steve Bradshaw

Our superb Mongolian guide was “in the know” when he took us to a second Naadam Festival meeting near Moron. Our group were the only privileged outsiders. Archery along with wrestling and horse riding are the three main skills of the festival, its origins are routed in military training recorded as far back as the 11 - 13th centuries. This photograph captures the intensity and seriousness the women attach to their involvement as they displayed their impressive skills. The humble prizes for the winners bring enormous prestige within each community. Such was the degree of pride attached to winning, I witnessed champions overwhelmed and reduced to tears when congratulated by family and friends.

This week's winner, taken by Helen Webb

Balancing act: A lone fisherman struggles with his net on Inle Lake, Myanmar.

Taken by Helen Webb

From our hotel on Inle Lake it was a boat ride to the local market starting out before the sun had risen. With very few locals out on the vast lake this lone fisherman stood out against the first rays of the sun. I knew I had limited time to grab the camera and take a shot as every second the light was getting stronger and we were travelling away from the scene therefore changing the angle of view. Keeping the aperture down to the bare minimum enhanced the sharpness of the fisherman and the plain blue of the water made his clothing stand out in that special light.

This week's winner, taken by Caroline Train

Parasol mates: A couple wandering through Gion, Kyoto

Taken by Caroline Train

Kyoto is such a beautiful city, and the Gion district where this image was taken is full of history. I love the timeless feel of this image in particular. It took a great deal of patience to capture this image, as this is a very busy street with a near constant flow of pedestrians and the occasional taxi. This was taken in a rare quiet moment, and luckily the couple in the photo appeared to really complete the image. The photo was taken with a Canon 5D MkIV using a 16-35 f/2.8 L lens. As the light was fading I had to push the ISO higher than I would usually want to give a quick enough shutter speed to capture the couple sharply.

This week's winner, taken by Alison Ryde

The Korzok monastery in Ladakh, India.

Taken by Alison Ryde

I was at the two day Korzok Gustor festival on the shores of Lake Tsomoriri, in the province of Ladakh, India, towards the border with China. The festival draws locals and Tibetan nomadic herders, the Chang-dad, and is a serious religious event in their lives. As it takes several bumpy hours to reach Korzok, there are fewer foreign visitors, so the atmosphere is very authentic. This was taken on a Canon 5D mark 2, at ISO 100 on a 17-40mm lens, speed 640th at 7.1. I was walking around and saw that most of the monks were gathered at this spot. The biggest challenge was to balance the bright sky in the background with the darker foreground.

This week's winner, taken by David Chapman

High flyers: Breakfast with a side order of hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Taken by David Chapman

This picture was taken at sunrise in Cappadocia on our first morning there. We had heard of the balloons taking flight but nothing could prepare us for the beauty of what we saw. We took the picture on the roof terrace of our cave hotel while we were eating breakfast and looking out over the valley. The photo was actually just taken on my iPhone with a self timer. The location of our hotel looking out into the valley was incredible and because of this it wasn’t hard to get such incredible pictures in this setting.

This week's winner, taken by Stephen Pollock

Kimono-clad girls in Kyoto

Taken by Stephen Pollock

Phone cameras have improved so much that I no longer hoof a separate camera and lenses around with me. We were fortunate to spend some weeks in Japan following the rugby World Cup and the young girls posing near the Kinkaku-ji temple (Golden pavilion) epitomised the friendliness and colourfulness of the people. I took plenty of other photographs of this famous and popular site, but so did everyone else. The trick is, I suppose, to catch the atmosphere of the place visited from a less usual viewpoint. So, no special settings used on my iPhone - just a little extra exposure added in edit mode.

This week's winner, taken by Agnese Santoro

A black rhino photographed in Tanzania

Taken by Agnese Santoro

I took this photo on the very last day of my trip in Tanzania. We were driving through the Ngorongoro Crater, when our guide spotted this black rhino and stopped the jeep. Seeing a rhino is one of my best memories of this trip: I was told that we probably weren't going to see any because there are less than 30 left in the area and they tend to hide. After a while, the rhino started coming closer to our car, so I quickly took my camera out - a Canon PowerShot SX540, which has an incredible zoom - and took a few pictures.

This week's winner, taken by George Turnbull

Line in the sand: Tourists climbing Dune 45, Namibia.

Taken by George Turnbull

My photo was taken in the Namib National Park as we passed the well-known Dune 45 at some speed, as the driver considered that there would be fewer people there later, on our way back out of the park. There is never much warning as to what is ahead, especially when sitting in the middle or back of the coach. Speed is of the essence. If you don’t take the shot then you will have nothing to view. This time it seems to have worked. ISO was set at 800, speed 1/800 and aperture F5.6.

This week's winner, taken by Laura Coomber

Havana heights, Cuba

Taken by Laura Coomber

We were in a Casa in the old town Havana having something to eat one morning and this was the view from the table in their lounge, I couldn't concentrate having a conversation as I couldn't stop looking out of the window. I had to go and get my camera (Sony A7R) to capture the scene. We loved Havana, it stole our hearts, what an amazing vibrant place, full of music, life, people and history.

This week's winner, taken by Simon Jones

Ferris wheel, Tokyo

Taken by Simon Jones

The photo was taken on my first day in Tokyo during a holiday to Japan in March this year. I was visiting friends who were travelling the world at the time. While they queued up for the main museum, I was taking pictures of the Ferris Wheel. I thought it was one of the most amazing structures I’d ever seen, especially the cool candy-coloured pods. The hardest thing about getting the shot was achieving the sun star which needed some precise positioning to get the sun peeking out from behind the wheel. I used a small aperture (f/16) to get the image sharp from top to bottom, and Fuji’s colourful astia film simulation setting.

This week's winner, taken by Peter Crowcroft

Twist and snout

Taken by Peter Crowcroft

A giraffe at the Cotswold Safari Park in Oxfordshire

This week's winner, taken by Philip Edmans

The lion yawns tonight

Taken by Philip Edmans

It's all a roaring bore for this male in the Masai Mara, Kenya

This week's winner, taken by Jeremy Stewardson

Great Brazilian bake off: An aerial shot of Rio’s Ipanema beach on a busy day

Taken by Jeremy Stewardson

I was staying on Ipanema as part of a trip around Brazil. On my first day in the hotel I spotted the beach scene from my hotel window. It looked cool but I wasn’t high enough up. The next day I headed up to the roof top bar, waited for the beach to fill up and the light to move overhead. I thought it caught the wonderful vibe that’s Rio and Brazil. I love capturing the world and the people I meet along the way through a lens - and that lens might be a fabulous Nikon DSLR, a pocket camera or my mobile phone.

This week's winner, taken by Sourav Das

Sky ride: A cyclist on Juhu Beach, Mumbai.

Taken by Sourav Das

This is a colourful part of a hard working story of making handloom saris. Cotton threads are bundled and dried up under the sun after the colouring is done. This picture was taken from West Bengal.

This week's winner, taken by Nicholas Davis

A desert ibex in Mitzpe Ramo, Israel

Taken by Nicholas Davis

The photo was taken whilst we were on holiday recently at Beresheet Hotel which is in the town of Mitzpe Ramon in the central Negev region in southern Israel. The Ibex come most days, at the same time, to drink from the small pools outside the ground floor chalet rooms and to eat the leaves from the trees. They are not scared of the guests and the feeding session lasts around 15 mins.

This week's winner, taken by Mike Spencer

Ocean drive: A classic ‘woodie’ station wagon leaving Ruby’s car show at Redondo Beach in California

Taken by Mike Spencer

The owner had stayed for something to eat at Ruby's Diner on the parking lot, so when I saw him return to the car I asked him to leave to the right. My idea being to 'glint' the golden sun off the side of his car. I also wanted to catch the tall typical California Palm trees in the shot. I used a slower shutter speed to 'pan' the car and still hopefully retain the shape of the palm trees.

This week's winner, taken by Ian Kinniburgh

Highland cow on the west coast of Scotland

Taken by Ian Kinniburgh

The shot was taken whilst my wife Shirley and I were returning to Orkney from the Western Isles up the west coast route and whilst it was a showery day there was still moments of sunshine. As a result I must have stopped to photograph rainbows and cloudy skies several times but the magical moment came as we drove into Clashnessie and found Highland Cattle in the field adjacent to the beach with a rainbow in the background. I took several shots, but for a brief moment my subject kindly posed and I was happy to capture a special moment. I took the photo with my Fuji X Pro2.

This week's winner, taken by Alison Morris

Tuk-tuks in Delhi

Taken by Alison Morris

This picture was taken when I was travelling by Tuk Tuk back to my hotel after visiting the amazing Chandni Chowk, a busy market filled with food carts, sweet shops and spice stalls. The overcrowded Tuk Tuk in front was full of happy boys waving and smiling and when I momentarily stopped I quickly took this picture to remind me of this joyous encounter in amongst the chaos of the dust and heat of Delhi traffic. Luckily I had my trusty Canon with a 70-300 lens set ready to go!

This week's winner, taken by Rhian Thomas

Seals in the shadow of a tanker on the Paracas National Reserve in Peru

Taken by Rhian Thomas

I saw the seals coming up with the boat and thought if I could get it aligned with the steamer it would look pretty great, and fortunately we were moving slowly enough to take various shots, I didn't really need any special settings. I think the light was very good and the boat was barely moving, which is why it's so sharp. It was at the end of a day learning about how the habitats there have been created to keep the natural wildlife flourishing, so it seemed quite an apt shot of seals enjoying something man-made.

This week's winner, taken by David Hartropp

Waterfall at Yosemite National Park

Taken by David Hartropp

We were staying only just outside the Yosemite park boundary, and the Park Rangers suggested that to avoid the crowds, it was well worth arriving early in the morning. Aided by some jet lag, we were in the park just before dawn and had much of the valley almost to ourselves for an hour or so. I took a number of pictures with both a conventional DSLR camera and a smart phone, of the early light on the river, and this image was taken on an iPhone XR, which incidentally shows just how effective the cameras on modern smartphones have become.

This week's winner, taken by Mark Bishop

Umbrellas in Olhao, Portugal

Taken by Mark Bishop

I was walking through the town centre and rounded a corner and saw that a pedestrianised street had colourful umbrellas strung above it. Exploring some more, I found that there was a whole network of narrow passageways similarly dressed. Realising that the sun shining through the material on one umbrella and bouncing off it on others would look beautiful in photos, I fired off a series of shots. I bracketed the exposure to give me a choice of lighter and darker versions of the image and processed it in Adobe Lightroom to maintain highlight and shadow detail. Camera used was a Panasonic LX100 mk2.

This week's winner, taken by Rosie Llewellyn

Bedouins enjoying some downtime in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Taken by Rosie Llewellyn

I took the picture on holiday in Olhao, just East of Faro, in the Portuguese Algarve. I was walking through the town centre and rounded a corner and saw that a pedestrianised street had colourful umbrellas strung above it. Exploring some more, I found that there was a whole network of narrow passageways similarly dressed. Realising that the sun shining through the material on one umbrella and bouncing off it on others would look beautiful in photos, I fired off a series of shots. The key challenge was to select an area where the background would be a mix of blue sky and an attractive piece of architecture, rather than unappealing shop signs, air conditioning units etc. The shabby chic building in the bottom right of my chosen image was, I felt, a good choice, being unobtrusive but also evocative of the area. I bracketed the exposure to give me a choice of lighter and darker versions of the image and processed it in Adobe Lightroom to maintain highlight and shadow detail. Camera used was a Panasonic LX100 mk2.

This week's winner, taken by Matthew Train

Podere Belvedere, in the Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

Taken by Matthew Train

I had been hoping for mist all week, and had visited this spot several mornings without luck (bearing in mind this meant waking up at 4.30am each time!). On my final morning, I had slept through my alarm and had therefore decided to go somewhere closer for sunrise, but when I arrived I realised this could be the misty morning I had been waiting for. So I jumped back in my car and sped the 30 minute drive to Podere Belvedere, just in time to capture this image about ten minutes before the mist burnt off. This shot is a panorama composite of 3 vertical shots at 70mm. The base exposure was f/13 and 1/40 at ISO 100, with manual exposure blending from bracketed exposures at 1/160 and 1/10. The images were shot with a Canon 5D IV and 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens.

This week's winner, taken by Malcolm Roberts

Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Taken by Malcolm Roberts

It was taken in the Lower Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona. My wife and I spent a couple of hours in the slot canyon as part of a photography tour when I suddenly spotted one of our group with a red shirt and white hat looking up at the amazing rock formation, light and colours. I like the way in which he gives a sense of scale and perspective and how his shirt and hat contrast with the beautiful landscape. The picture was taken with my Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. It was essentially a 'grab shot' handheld at an 80th of a second, 50mm, f 5.6 at ISO 3200. It was one of my favourite pictures from the trip and brings back happy memories of a fantastic holiday.

This week's winner, taken by Rowan Burke

Rolling stock: A roving vendor of all things woven in Hanoi, Vietnam

Taken by Rowan Burke

I took this photo in Hanoi, Vietnam, where my wife and I went on our honeymoon. The whole city is a photographer's dream with so much going on, but it's such a quick moving city that you have to be armed and ready to snap things as they happen or your chance is gone. We were sitting outside a bar having a cold beer when this gentleman pulled up. I had to be quick as he was only there for about 20 seconds, but luckily I was able to capture this photo and it's one of my favourites from the trip. It was taken on my old Nion D610 with my Nikkor 50mm 1.8G at f/4, ISO 200, Shutter 1/500.

This week's winner, taken by Kav Dadfar

Golden hour: Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Taken by Kav Dadfar

Having travelled to Thailand extensively over the last 15 years I know it pretty well. I spent most of my time photographing the well known spots in Chiang Mai and after spending the morning at Doi Suthep I had a couple of hours spare before I was due to fly to Mae Hong Son. So I ventured out in the opposite direction to where I normally go and after a short walk came across this temple. I liked the symmetry of the composition but even though I took a couple of shots, I knew that there was a missing element. So I just waited and hoped that I would get a point of interest before I had to leave. I made sure my camera settings were set and I was ready. About 15 minutes later, the monks suddenly appeared and veered off to the left quickly. Luckily I was ready and waiting and managed to capture a couple of photos with them perfectly framed in the doorway.

This week's winner, taken by William Courage

'Dune with a view': The Sahara in Morocco

Taken by William Courage

The photo was taken in the early morning while returning from an overnight camel trek to our accommodation in Kasbah Mohayut, Merzouga, while on holiday in Morocco in March of this year.

This week's winner, taken by Keith Tucker

'Paws for thought': Leaping leopard in Chobe National Park, Botswana

Taken by Keith Tucker

I took the photo towards the end of a morning game drive. We saw the leopard go up the tree and drove to the bottom to get a better view. It sat in the tree waiting for some time and just as we were about to depart the leopard got to its feet and I only had a brief moment to get my camera ready before it jumped! I took the picture on burst mode and this was the best one.

This week's winner, taken by David Fargher

'Head over heels': Miroir d’Eau, Bordeaux

Taken by David Fargher

The photo was taken whilst I was in Bordeaux, I just stopped to watch the world go by, noticing the locals cool off and play in the water during a very hot summer day. It was an opportune moment and taken on a rather cheap smartphone, a Sony Xperia XA1 on the auto setting.