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A magnificent ravine carved by crooked creek serves as one of the backdrops to the sleepy village of Riverside-Albert, nestled at the point where the Shepody River flows through the extensive marshlands to the Shepody Bay.

The Bay of Fundy tidal bore sweeps up-stream twice a day and can vary from a few centimeters to a meter in height depending on weather conditions and the phase of the moon.

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is another extraordinary local phenomenon where vehicles are perceived to travel uphill without any power.

Exploring Riverside-Albert

Today, Riverside-Albert is more highly appreciated for the beautiful homes and buildings of historic architecture located along sedate and shaded streets.

Nearby, the Crooked Creek Lookout affords spectacular views of the Crooked Creek Gorge, especially during the fall foliage season. Two of Albert County's historic covered bridges are in Riverside-Albert.

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