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I’ve been passionate about travel and other cultures since childhood and had my first opportunity to visit Japan as a teenager. I spent a summer living and working in Osaka, had the chance to explore Kyoto and Tokyo, and fell in love with the country and its people.

Since my first trip to Japan, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time all over the world from the winding streets of Dublin to the wild bush of Northern Québec. While I have loved exploring other places, Japan is a country that has always stuck with me, inspiring me to return.

The Japanese landscape is magnificent, but it is the people that have held my heart all these years. The respectful culture, the gorgeous meals, and the kindness shown by everyone I’ve met are just some of the reasons why I’m passionate about this incredible country and so keen to share it with others.

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I'll never forget when…

The best thing for me about travel in Japan is experiencing Japanese hospitality. One of my most memorable nights was spent in a ryokan in Takayama during a snowy week in January. After a long, chilly day of exploring the town, I returned to my ryokan for a lovely meal but the hostess could tell I was tired. Once dinner was finished, she made up my futon and proceeded to tuck me in like I was a child and told me to sleep well. She was so sweet and helpful, it was an experience that exemplified Japanese hospitality for me.

Photos of Rachel

Rachel in Miyajima Rachel in Miyajima
Rachel with Mount Fuji in the background Rachel with Mount Fuji in the background
Rachel on a ski lift up to Mount Yokote Rachel on a ski lift up to Mount Yokote
Rachel in the Noh Museum Rachel in the Noh Museum
Rachel in Shirakawa-go Rachel in Shirakawa-go
Rachel in Yudanaka Rachel in Yudanaka