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Tom, South Africa Specialist

My passion for travel was first ignited when my family uprooted from seaside Fort Lauderdale and relocated to India. I became fascinated with the vastly different sights and smells as my family explored remote areas of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Since then, I've visited over 50 countries across six continents. From the pyramids of Giza to the Great Wall of China, my thirst for adventure has carried me to numerous wonders of the world.   Highlights of my journey include tracking lions in the Serengeti, discovering ancient ruins in Libya, gazing at the northern lights in Iceland, and leaning over the edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia.

Captivated by the wildness of Africa, I have found myself returning to the continent over and over again.  The dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife and diversity of cultures make countries like South Africa intriguing destinations worth exploring. 

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I'll never forget when…

While out on a game drive in Sabi Sands we came upon a large of herd of grazing buffalo. All of sudden, the entire herd became frantic and began stampeding out of control. Amid the chaos I watched two lionesses leap onto the back of a young buffalo and force him to the ground. Moments later the dominant male lions of the pride joined in the kill. I sat in silence as the lions overpowered the buffalo and took his last breath. It was remarkable to the see the circle of life right before my eyes, a moment many rangers wait their entire careers to witness.

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Tom in Cape Town, South Africa Tom in Cape Town, South Africa
Tom on a helicopter flight in Mozambique Tom on a helicopter flight in Mozambique
Tom on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa Tom on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa