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Brandon, Italy Specialist

As a student I spent a year overseas, eventually settling upon Italy as my destination, a decision that informs and enhances my life to this day.  My time in Europe ignited an insatiable urge to see as much of the world as I could and after a year in Rome I made my way to the waterfalls of Iceland, the beer halls of Bavaria, the cliff heads of western Ireland and the beach bungalows of southern Spain. However, my mind kept returning to Italy.

These days I try to spend as much time as possible strolling through Italy’s medieval hill towns, sipping limoncello by Lake Como, or pondering the genius of Brunelleschi in Florence. The debt that our civilization owes to the story of Italy is best repaid with wonder and amazement. My wish for you is for Italy to capture your heart and mind as it has mine.

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I'll never forget when…

My first trip abroad was to Rome. Near dusk on my first day I wandered from my hotel room towards the Colosseum. The crowds had thinned and as I laid my hand on the wall of the massive ruined amphitheatre it was as if 2,000 years of history and art rushed through me and validated the wonder I’d spent years cultivating while learning about the glories of empire and the accomplishments of the Roman architectural masters. The joy and promise that that moment provided is something I suspect I’ll be seeking for many years to come.

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Brandon in Capri, Italy Brandon in Capri, Italy
Brandon visiting Florence, Italy Brandon visiting Florence, Italy
Brandon in Positano, Italy Brandon in Positano, Italy
Brandon in Tremezzo, Italy Brandon in Tremezzo, Italy