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view of Venice

Eva, Italy Specialist

Since a young age Eva spent a lot of her time traveling to numerous states thanks to her involvement in volleyball, however being of Italian heritage she always longed to get to Italy and wanted to immerse herself in the history and culture. After selecting to focus on Italian Renaissance Art history and Italian language in college, Eva head to Florence to study abroad for a semester and used this opportunity to explore more of the country. Since then, Eva has traveled to other countries within Europe and around the world, however nothing has captured her heart like la dolce vita. She has since returned to Italy several times for both work and leisure, and is constantly surprised by the diversity of traditions, architecture, cuisine and landscapes that exist within such a small country.

In her spare time, Eva is one to binge on a worthy Netlfix series and has an affinity for backpacking in the White Mountains. Being from Rochester, NY, she is also a proud lover of Wegmans.

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Ponte Vecchio, Florence

I recommend visiting - Florence

Although my favorite destination is a little biased after living there for a few months, I still have to say Florence. It is a city that represents one of the greatest moments in human history (the Italian Renaissance), and has maintained its charm and elegance for centuries. Nestled in the hills in Tuscany, there is no better view than hiking to the top of Piazzale Michelangelo, sharing a bottle of wine and watching the sunset over Florence. For art enthusiasts, you can spend hours in the Uffizi gallery and leave yearning for more. And no matter how many times you have visited the Duomo, it never ceases to impress. Personally, I enjoy visiting shops that have been in families for generations (true craftspeople), and I have a tradition of purchasing a gold charm for my mom on the Ponte Vecchio every time I visit. Feel free to ask me where my favorite place to enjoy the infamous Florentine steak is located!

Villa Spalletti Trevelli, Rome

I recommend staying at - Villa Spalletti Trivelli


My favorite accommodation would have to be the Villa Spalleti Travelli in Rome. For those looking for a luxurious experience on a quiet street in central Rome, Villa Spalleti Travelli is the perfect stay. The site is a villa that has remained in the same family for four generations, so when you enter you feel you have been welcomed into someone's home. Rooms are named after the Roman districts and are classic, spacious and comfortable imbued with history. There is a private terrace and garden for guests, and apartments available which are perfect for a family! Not to mention a spa and gym on the lower level. Rome can be quite busy so it's nice to have a warm and quiet retreat!

I'll never forget when…

Taking the Vespa tour in Rome felt like the quintessential, perfect Italian tour. It was just the right balance of new and old Rome - discovering the city's history whilst on a Vespa, a staple of modern day Roman life. While my guide drove the Vespa I was able to take in the views and cover a wide range of the cit, including sites like the Pantheon, the Baths of Caracalla, the Circus Maximus, and Giardino degli Aranci (orange garden) overlooking the city. The Vespa tour is an adventure of its own!

Photos of Eva

  • Eva eating arancini in Sicily Eva eating arancini in Sicily
  • Eva at the Uffizi Gallery, Florence Eva at the Uffizi Gallery, Florence
  • Eva on a Gondola ride in Venice Eva on a Gondola ride in Venice
  • Eva visiting Villa Cimbrone Gardens, Ravello Eva visiting Villa Cimbrone Gardens, Ravello
  • Eva at Ponte di Castelvecchio Verona Eva at Ponte di Castelvecchio Verona
  • Eva in front of Santa Maria della Salute Venice Eva in front of Santa Maria della Salute Venice

Photos taken by Eva

  • Cheesemaker's home, Langhe Cheesemaker's home, Langhe
  • Restaurant view from Tramonto D'oro, Praiano Restaurant view from Tramonto D'oro, Praiano