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An avid reader from a young age, Sarah traveled the world through the pages of her books. As soon as she was old enough she took her first trip abroad to Russia. On that trip, Sarah compiled her bucket list of all the places she wanted to visit in her lifetime. She has since crossed 25 countries off that list. A strong believer in "Do what you love and the rest will follow" she decided to look into a profession in travel. After much research she came upon Audley Travel's website. Sarah was drawn to Audley's philosophy of "tailor-made travel".  Knowing that all travelers have their own passions, likes and dislikes, this idea of creating an itinerary that would fit the traveler perfectly greatly appealed to her.  When Sarah is not working at Audley she loves cycling, hiking and camping with her husband and their chocolate lab, Nora.

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I'll never forget when…

My favorite travel memory was my first evening visit to the Djemaa el-Fna.  Never in my life have all my senses been turned on like they were that night. The smell of spices and grilled meats, the sound of musicians mixed with the laughter and chatter of local families and tourists, the vibrant colors of a stacked fruits, herbs and spices, woven goods, beads and baubles all came together to create an immersive work of art. I had to shut my eyes for a bit to be able to just focus on the sounds and smells---I knew there was no place on earth as vibrant as that square at that moment. I returned to Djemaa el-Fna again this year, I was worried that maybe some of the magic would be lost but there was no need to worry-the magic was still there.

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Sarah in Fez, Morocco Sarah in Fez, Morocco
Sarah sitting in the desert in Morocco Sarah sitting in the desert in Morocco
Sarah with homemade tagine from a Moroccan cooking class Sarah with homemade tagine from a Moroccan cooking class