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Elizabeth , Japan Specialist

Elizabeth's love of travel began at the age of six, when her family moved from Taiwan to the United States, settling down in Houston, Texas. Since then, Elizabeth's life has been an amalgamation of Eastern and Western influences and this bicultural lifestyle has inspired her to explore other countries, taste different cuisines, seek new experiences, and further her knowledge of the world.

Her first international trip was to Japan and since then, Elizabeth has visited repeatedly both independently and with family, exploring all the marvels the country has to offer from strolling through the gorgeous temple complexes in Kyoto to soaking in the bright lights, noise, and wonder of Tokyo, and discovering all the fantastic sites in between. Her real passion involves consuming the vast variety of Japanese cuisine: she has dined on haute cuisine at Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurants, slurped ramen at a standing stall, and devoured mouth-watering bento boxes in the quiet comfort of a bullet train.

Prior to joining Audley, Elizabeth studied at Boston University, receiving degrees in both Business and Art History and she is now based in beautiful (and snowy) Boston. She worked in hospitality and art before finding her calling in the travel industry. When she's not sharing her love of travel, she can be found wandering through museums, eating voraciously, and trying her hand at painting. She also enjoys swimming, dancing, watching Netflix, and hiking in the hills near her home.

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I highly recommend Audley Travel to anyone interested in a great vacation in Japan.

Mike McIntosh traveled to Japan for 16 days in May 2016, organized by Elizabeth J

The guides furnished by Audley took me to temples, shrines and gardens and made it all interesting with their knowledge of Japanese history and culture. But they adapted to my preferences as well and customized the experience to my interests and tastes. Because of this I did get to see real robots sing, play the violin and weld together a Lexus sedan. I was on my own using Japan’s transportation system but the detailed instructions in my Audley itinerary coupled with advice from my guides gave me confidence so everything went smoothly. My accommodations in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka were first rate and well located. Everyone I dealt with was genuinely committed to providing me with a great experience. I highly recommend Audley Travel to anyone interested in a great vacation in Japan.

I'll never forget when…

One of the most wonderful moments during my trip to Japan was meditating at Mount Koya, a small town that is the heart of Shingon Buddhism. The session was held in a 1200-year-old monastery and led by the only English-speaking monk around, who explained the fundamental concepts of meditation using real life examples. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to try meditating on my own with his instruction. As I sat there trying to focus on my breath, I instead noticed the soft glow of the flickering candles, the soothing aroma from the incense, and the sudden itch on my nose. My wandering mind was my largest obstacle but little by little I was able to concentrate again. Although I didn’t reach enlightenment during that session, I was wholly immersed in the moment and left the session feeling calm, present, alive. 

Photos of Elizabeth

Elizabeth at Hiroshima Castle Elizabeth at Hiroshima Castle
In the garden of a Samurai House in Kanazawa In the garden of a Samurai House in Kanazawa
Fall foliage at Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto Fall foliage at Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto
Viewing an exhibit at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo Viewing an exhibit at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo

Photos taken by Elizabeth

Hiroshima Castle Hiroshima Castle
Hakone scenery Hakone scenery
Shirakawago Shirakawago
Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki
Hiroshima Peace Park Hiroshima Peace Park
Paper cranes at Hiroshima Peace Park. Paper cranes at Hiroshima Peace Park.
Danjo Garan, Mount Koya Danjo Garan, Mount Koya
Kyoto scenery Kyoto scenery
Hiroshima style okonomiyaki Hiroshima style okonomiyaki
Kanazawa Castle Kanazawa Castle
Samurai house, Kanazawa Samurai house, Kanazawa
Teahouse district, Kanazawa Teahouse district, Kanazawa